Dragon Ball finally presents Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta in anime

Dragon Ball has done a lot of wild things over the decades, but fans have been waiting for anime to catch up with a lot of tradition.  Whether you follow the canon or not, the Dragon Ball franchise has plenty of power ups and wild power forms to adopt.  Few of these forms are wilder than Super Saiyan 3, and it seems Vegeta was finally able to tackle the form in the anime in the past.
(Photo: Bandai / Shueisha)

    Earlier today, the most recent episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes was released, and it was there that fans recorded Vegeta.  The hero and his counterpart Xeno have been embroiled in a battle to save Universe 7 for a solid moment right now.  Things only escalated when a Vegeta had to fight a mysterious doctor on the battlefield, and his strength led Saiyan to take advantage of Super Saiyan 3.
    You can check the form in Vegeta below, since the images of the moment have been published.  Super Saiyan 3 looks the same in Vegeta as it does in Goku, Goten, or anyone else.  Her eyebrow becomes more prominent despite the fact that her eyebrows come out of existence.  When paired with his long hair, Vegeta is almost unrecognizable in Super Saiyan 3, but you can still see pieces of the fighter.
    For those curious about Vegeta’s story in this form, he has eluded him in the anime for a long time.  While Baby Vegeta was about to unlock the Dragon Ball GT form, this appears to be the first time he’s been using power in the anime.  Several video games have unlocked Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta before, but Super Dragon Ball Heroes is the first adventure to bring the transformation to anime.  Therefore, it is up to the fans to decide whether this form receives the go-ahead or not.
    What do you think about this form in Vegeta?  Did you think I was ever going to unlock it?  Let me know in the comments or to talk about all the comics and anime!

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