Iron Man: Marvel Concept Art reveals an stealth suit design


Some new Iron Man concepts show off the sleek look of Iron Man 3’s stealthy armor. Andy Park revealed a dramatic departure from the Mark XVI that appeared in the theater. Some fans were disappointed when the third installment was released, as the Stealth Suit design did not have the same color scheme. The actual costume may not be so different from what is shown on the screen, but the black and red color scheme really makes it stand out. Park has been in a tear sharing new looks in all the armor featured in the House Party Protocol near the end of the movie. Sadly, fans weren’t able to see many of these outfits in prolonged action, but the art will help ease that pain a bit. For those real purists, you can always look to Armor Wars story for inspiration.

And the andy park  said on Instagram that:- 
    “And here’s the concept design I created of Iron Man Mark XVI for Iron Man 3,” Park began. “This is what the toy in my previous post was based off of. He ended up being red & gold in the final film but this was the original intent. #IronMan, #stealth, #conceptart, #conceptdesign, #characterdesign, #digitalpainting, # photoshop,  #marvel, #marvelstudios, #avengers.

Phil Saunders has also drop some heat on Instagram.  He recently shared his look on the Mark 40 armor. That one is specifically designated for underwater missions.  But, like the Stealth Suit, it just wasn’t in the cards.  But, Saunders gave an idea why all these detailed designs are produced in the first place.

    “By popular demand … Iron Man Mk40 shotgun”.  “Slim, lightly armored and streamlined, this suit was designed for extreme speed,” wrote Saunders.  “I discovered it so that the arms and legs would join the torso to form a rigid fuselage, but unfortunately that functionality never appeared in the movie. However, it was one of my favorite Hot Toys! Ironman, avengers, ironman3, marvel,  marvelstudios, mcu, robertdowneyjr, conceptart, concept, conceptartist, digitalart, digitalartist, digitalillustration ”

    You can stream Iron Man 3 right now.
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