Black Clover presents its powerful new Yami spell

The black clover in the latest chapter continues the battle against the Spade Kingdom Dark Triad, and when Captain Yami Sukehiro pushed beyond his limits, he cast another powerful spell. The last time we saw Yami in action, he had fought a Dante dark Triad who had completely defeated Asta and the other Black Bulls by the power of his devil. Their grip on gravity made the battle of the Black Disturbances difficult until Yami appeared and revealed that his Dark Magic abilities would be the only ways to deal with Dante’s power.
Black Clover presents its powerful new Yami spell
Source :- Black Clover
Like other members of the Black Bulls group, Yami had been training for the past six months to strengthen himself. But Chapter 256 of the series showed that even all of this training was not enough, as Dante eventually used 80 percent of the devil’s power he owned. This meant that his gravity magic distorted every Yam’s dark magical spell. So Yami decided to release a new one he came up with on the spot.
As he found out, even using the Black Moon Mana zone is likely to undo Dante’s seriousness, but Yami decides he can’t take the risk. He then decides to condense his Mana zone as much as possible and focus on dodging. Yami tries to dodge, but also emphasizes that even if he manages to cut Dante, the villain will recur immediately. So you need something “faster and harder.”
After nearly hitting one of Dante’s gravity traits, Yami decides to run his limits because he often tells his team to do so. In preparation for posing, he pulls his katana and feeds it with his dark magic. By condensing the Mana zone into a single point, use “Dark Magic: Death Thrust” and blow up Dante’s chest completely.
This takes Dante by surprise, and even more fun it takes Yami by surprise. He jokes that he intended the attack to be an impulse, but instead “ended like a cannon”. Yami is one of the wizards that the Spade Kingdom chases into dark magic because of his unique ties, and such a surprising new attack shows why he is an interesting point.

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