Favourite Ten Best Action Anime

When I say action, I mean action! Yes, you have an exclamation mark! Okay, I said things are more important, but it’s anime action!   The show focuses on the action and intensity of everything in the storyline, be it characters, battles or stunts. Most often, this style brings hype and joy. That means you want to be as confident as you are on the show. Simply put, anime action is a bomb. They appeared to be an explosion of eye-candy vision and a very attractive act.   So after the confusion, over-explanation and absurd commentary of this genre, I wrote an anime of best action based on how popular I was, how big it was and how I saw them.   Now pump the adrenaline as you accelerate, keeping it away from your feet.  

Now start list :-         

10. Deadman Wonderland 

  If you want life and death battles with joyful action, look no further. You got it in the form of Deadman Wonderland. Despite some brutal and distorted features in it (and the fact that one of its main bodies is blood), it all fits in well with the action, making it an attractive show to watch. There are a lot of battles and bloody events to watch (which is not uncommon), so you won’t break your seat for a while.   Deadman Wonderland 2-in-1 site, which serves as a high security and military defense location (hence the name Deadman Wonderland). All of this is just a tree, because lying on the ground is actually the worst secret that has shaken the foundations of the world.   After testifying to the brutal murder of all of her classmates, middle school student Igarashi Ganta is considered a defendant. Unknown, this tragic evolution in his life will soon lead to a confrontation with the bloody reality of what is in the shadows of Deadman Wonderland.    

9. Guilty Crown

  Wrapping up a combination of mystery, drama, mecha, supernatural powers and unique actions is the way to feel guilty if you have never seen it before. That anime is the Guilty Crown.   By the way, you should not expect much from this show. I believe it is very good. The sound and music are amazing, but the most important thing here is the action! You have tons of action and war ready to ignore all other things in this country.   Guilty Crown begins when a 17 – year – old boy named Shu accidentally meets Funeral Parlor member of the infamous terrorist organization. After such a serious argument, Shu gets caught up in a serious argument involving a respectable conspiracy and a deadly virus. In partnership with Inori, Shu acquires a secret power, Guiv Crown. It gives people the power to bring out the best in themselves and show them as weapons.


8. Terra Formars

If action and adventure events do not happen in the middle of what you want, Terra Farmers is ready for you. Ironically, every minute (except the first few) of every episode of this show is filled with action! Wars here and there with flying attacks everywhere. There is no break in the war. Why? Well, the bullets here will die if you stop fighting for a while.   Terra Farmers symbolizes the Civil War against the conflict (or coincidence) of the Mars Roosters. Initially, people tried to live on Mars by sending moss and cockroaches to start the environmental process.   However, many centuries later, things are getting darker. Roosters have transformed into a dominant force and there is a deadly virus in the world. The only solution now is to install Terra Formers, study them, create anti-virus for them and, if possible, get rid of them all!    

7. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 

Since Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan is the legendary definition in the anime world, locking the number five is a parade trip. Surprisingly, Gurren Lagan’s best moments are marked not only by his extraordinary and outside world story, but also by an action that depicts death. From the biggest box ever seen to the most stressed move, you can’t help but be fascinated by the show.   Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann begins in the underworld where people who are unaware of the existence of the divine world now live and live. There lives a boy digging a digger named Simon who is working very hard to dig tunnels to expand the valley.   One day, you will find something that looks like a hole in the ground. Not knowing what and what will make a big difference, Simon puts it as a necklace only to quickly realize that his life will change forever when he worries about it.  

6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 

  The miracle of the struggle that has alchemy and the law of equal exchange? How good is it? It is not surprising that this anime series counts  on this list.   The show was very popular and received high ratings due to the excellent design, engagement action and attractive charm shown. FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is not limited to viewers who are built with their unique structure and story, but also with a high alchemical richness. As the Equal Exchange Act suggests, a great anime equals a good reception.   FullMetal Almatist: The Brotherhood follows the story of the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who, after a tragic accident in alchemy, try to make alabo. They lose parts of their body process (or alphons, the whole body).   Now, after gaining great knowledge in alchemy and becoming alchemists to the state, they embarked on a journey to unearth the powerful philosophy stone and restore their bodies. Unbeknownst to them, they also approached the undeniable and shocking truth about the whole world of alchemy.    

5. Btooom!

There is nothing more complete and exciting than the most popular online game. In this case, it’s Btooom! When players in real life are forced to play that survival game, the action increases by 100x! If what I said is not enough, then watch the show and witness the survival bomb survival with your own eyes.   Bodom is an online game where players use bombs and explosives as weapons. Unbeknownst to many, there was actually a conspiracy behind it when the developers took a photo of helpless people playing the game on an abandoned island in real life.   That means it is a battle of death and death, where the player who collects a certain amount of chips can leave a good night. UN.E.E.TT 22 years old. Ryouta Sakamoto (who could become a very high-level online Btooom player) one day wakes up on an island and realizes he has no choice but to play and live a real Btooom game.


4. Kill la Kill

When it comes to epic battles and amazing moves taking the local number in style is unlimited anime. ిల్ Kill La Kill from Tenzin Toppa Gurren Lagan! If you’ve seen it before, you know that the whole episode of this anime feels like the culmination of the whole story. Needless to say, I have to say that the pre-existing style also adds an audience to the screen.   Kill La Kill is the next revenge story of Ruko Matoi’s search for the man who killed his father – a woman with a piece of wire! As he travels from place to place, the students finally find their Goku school uniform wearing an unusual school with a lot of nails. The entire student body is run by a student council led by the brutal Satsuki Kirouin. This is a great indication of Ruko Matoi’s great justification for his revenge.  

3. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) 

  The tallest (actually largest / Titanic) man is Shingeki and Kyojin, also known as the Titan Attack. I will not say that again.   Words cannot describe the amazing action in this anime. Say there is a big titan. That big Titan anime. And that titanium neck does not have access with our blades (in this case, words). Yes, it sounds ridiculous right now, but I suggest you see for yourself what action and story I am talking about.   With humanity left to live inside the huge walls that are destroying the human diet table, hopes are left if nothing is done soon. People actually live peacefully inside the walls for a few years, but one day, an extraordinary building forms walls and breaks their peace.   In the aftermath of this tragic incident, a young man named Eren Jagger, who survived the ordeal, vowed to the soldier to cancel the meetings. It was not an easy thing to do because he believed and discovered the truth about the whole personality.


2. Hunter X Hunter (2011)

  Hunter X Hunter can survive (both manga and anime), but surprisingly it is one of the best anime out there in terms of structure, action and perhaps everything.   With that in mind, the action in this anime should not be underestimated. Everything is well thought out and in good health. Travel skills can also help a lot. It makes every war so much. You will be arrested more and more when you are asked (or asked) to learn more.   The most skilled hunters in the world are hunters. In fact, they are the V.I.P. S and are considered special persons. However, joining the ranks of hunters is not an easy task.   There is a deadly test (hunter test) that requires a lot of good skills and can be passed. Gone Freaks is one of the applicants this year, along with some friends;  Kurapika, killer killer and normal medical practitioner Leorio, went through a dangerous test for hunters in the pursuit of their big dreams.    

1. Sword Art Online

They say Sword Art Online is overkill, but for me, it deserves all the good ratings it gets. At Sword Art Online I can prove that the action is really clean and tidy.   You see, this is the anime I heard so much excitement and excitement in some fighting episodes. Well, not all fight scenes in this anime are like that, but I have to share that there is a single boss battle on a certain level that caused me to jump out of the massive carnage. The story is not over, but I expect a lot from it in the coming seasons.   Sword Art Online tells the story of how the first online game turned out to be a big disaster. Thousands of players were caught inside the game and denied access to logs until someone finished the game.   If it does not fit, and it can seem like an exciting event, the fact is that when a player dies in this game – they die in real life! Now, a black man with a sword named Kirito tries to finish the game by playing the role of a player.

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