Read the One Piece 986 spoiler and announced release date

Read the one piece 986 spoiler and announced release date

One Piece Chapter 986  Release date

The planned release date for One Piece Chapter 986 is July 31, 2020. There are reports that there is another week of delay in the chapter due to the originally scheduled date of the Tokyo Olympics, taken by Shonen. The new chapters are available on the official Viz launch site.


One Piece Chapter 985 Discussion (Recap):

Yamato’s tragic story is revealed. Yamato tells Luffy that she knows Ace. I was waiting for Luffy to come to Wano one day. His wish is to sail the sea with Luffy as Oden did with Gol D. Roger. There is such a brilliant irony in its story. Oden first met Whitebeard and sailed with him. Then, thanks to an exchange agreement, transferred to Roger Pirates. Oden was with this team until the end of the main line. 20 years later, Kaido’s daughter Yamato, inspired by Oden, who had met Ace in the past, wants to sail with Luffy to the Raftel. What a brilliant turn of fate for Oda.


Yamato wanted to go with Ace but was stuck in Onigashima. Due to his persistence in becoming Oden, Kaido had put explosive handcuffs on his hands which would explode if he left WanoKuni. Luffy offers to break those handcuffs to free Yamato as he learned from Rayleigh.


Kaido wants to start a war against the World Government! (Orochi killed?)

One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers & Predictions:

Luffy and Yamato fall from the roof of the building and begin to fight the Beast Pirates in search of them. The Flying Six are informed of their position and are expected to emerge to retrieve Yamato for Kaido. Law and others are intercepted by Kanjiro at the rear of the castle. Kanjiro cannot handle such a force alone and will be defeated.


Orochi was too cunning to be executed so easily. It may have been an ink clone created by Kanjiro. The two could soon escape Onigashima. The rear forces and the forces in the ranks of the Beast Pirates will begin a surprise attack. Most of the pirates in the plaza will not pose a problem for the alliance. However, Kaido and Big Mom will wreak havoc. In this fight, the entire island of Onigashima could be destroyed. Luffy has developed a connection to Yamato. They will remove his handcuffs and he could end up joining the Straw Hat team.

The manga receives too many delays this month. However, the Wano Arc continues to improve. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!

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