Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 111 Spoiler And Announced Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 111 Release date

The next version has been delayed for now. According to a Twitter article, D&C Webtoons told us that the first season is over. And let them take a short break. What is not clear is the duration of this “short break”. It can take weeks or months. Furthermore, with the coronavirus epidemic, it becomes even more difficult to speculate on the exact launch date.

Hello readers, this is the editorial department of D&C Webtoon. (Solo Leveling) ended season 1 with episode 110 and will return after a short break. “

Based on our speculation, the Solo Leveling season 2 update, also known as I Level up Alone Chapter 111, should be postponed a bit longer amid the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19. The Season 2 individual update will be available in June 2020 or July 2020.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 111 Spoiler And Announced Release Date
Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 111

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 111  Spoilers & Predictions:

Jin Woo is now extremely powerful and at the level of national hunters. It’s a light webtoon based on a novel. The anticipation is therefore that it will show “the Arc of the Necromancer”. There is no information about what the girl saw that made her so scary. It seems the United States will not give up on hiring Jin. There is also the agreement between Hwang and Jin which will be further developed. A battle is inevitable between this national hunter and Jin Woo.

We know that Jin’s father is still missing. The United States knows a lot about him. The American can use this information as bait for Jin Woo. Jin develops a guild himself.

Jin Woo’s skills are developing rapidly. Jin Woo, as everyone knows, is the leader of the dead called the lord of the shadows. And it’s a unique hunter who can level up. No other awake hunter has this ability. Mrs. Selner saw this truth and called him king. Does this mean that she knows something else about her powers? We will surely have an answer to this in chapter 111 of Solo Leveling.

Without forgetting these two monsters who were hiding from a portal inside Jeju Island after the raid. They looked like high-ranking monsters capable of wiping out anyone. If you re-read the previous chapters, you will realize that they mainly discussed someone in Korea. Well, who were they really referring to and what are their future plans? These are some of the unresolved issues.

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