Top 10 Best Detective Anime All Time

There’s something charming about an old school detective anime. These favorites span genres from horror to comedy, and can’t be missed There is great charm in watching detective anime. Especially those of the old school who exclusively try to solve mysteries and hopefully suffer the authorities are wrong to underestimate the main character who solved those mysteries. While watching one detective anime after another can be mentally draining, a good mystery is worth the amount of time and emotions fans spend on them.

This list contains a list of 10 – 15 detective shows 2020 that anime fans should not miss at any price. They are of different time distances and cover different genres (horror, supernatural, psychological and comedy). Basically there is a show for everyone and the best part is that they have all been broadcast which means you can watch all the episodes at once.

12. Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

Better known as Erased in English, this anime revolves around the uneventful life of 29-year-old Satoru Fujinuma. On the surface, he’s a simple pizza delivery boy, but no one knows that he has the ability to wake up – that is, the ability to travel up to 5 minutes in time. This ability activates when it is in danger and can never control it.
However, in the first episode, he is accused of killing his own mother. His ability to wake up skyrockets, but this time he travels 11 years ago. Now he is in the body of a child and has to find a way to save his mother, as well as find the real killer.

11. Black Jack

For medical mysteries, Dr. Black Jack will be the doctor to call. Dr. Black Jack is known as an extraordinary surgeon, although he is not even officially licensed as a doctor. It can cure any illness and disease, but it also charges fees out of this world.
Although it is only indirectly a mysterious anime, illnesses and unknown illnesses are a mystery in themselves. Besides, it is truly a magnificent sight when Dr. Black Jack heals someone with his miraculous techniques. It is also fun to have to observe closely to find the root of a disease. Dr. Black Jack could be a detective genius … a drug. All in all, it’s an anime to watch if the mystery is on your tail. Look and be amazed!

10. Death Note

What would you do if a notebook that could kill someone with a stroke of the pen fell into your hand? Would you be scared and throw it away? Or would you use it according to your taste?
Light Yagami decided to use it. When she had the note of almighty death in her hands. She uses it to try to change the world by exercising her own brand of justice to judge countless criminals and mobs under the pseudonym “Kira”. No one can say for sure if what he does is right or wrong, until he is challenged by the genius who passes for “L”. Who will win? Who will be the highest arbiter of justice? The answer is in Death Note.
Famous as one of the best mysterious anime, Death Note is unique and disarming. Just watching this program keeps you active at all times.

09. Detective School Q

Who would have thought that there are schools for aspiring detectives? Whether it’s following criminals, slaughtering illegal operations, or solving impossible crimes, being a detective seems to be fun and fun. However, fun and games can turn into a deadly crime scene anytime, so be careful!
Detective School Q follows the story of Kyuu, a boy with a great sense of mystery and logic, as he enters the super rare Dan Detective School, where his passion for mystery is put to use. With friends with rather eccentric detective skills like photographic memory, martial arts and programming, Kyuu sets out to solve new cases to satisfy his curiosity and decipher the deepest cracks in the truth.

08. Hyouka

An ordinary place in an ordinary time and with ordinary people: isn’t it always like this? Be sure to support the ordinary in this anime and when the mysteries unfold, you will soon discover how mystical and exciting the ordinary can be.
Hyouka is the story of Houtaro Oreki, unmotivated and lazy, and how his daily life is interrupted after joining the literature club (kotenbu) and meeting a hyper curious girl named Chitanda Eru. With this rather unusual fatal bond, Oreki is forced to leave his comfort zone and use his detective skills to solve mysteries within the school and club.
This mysterious anime is surprisingly very good despite its seemingly boring premise.

07. Kuroshitsuji

Black Butler is not an anime that immediately comes to mind when we say “detective series”, mainly because the series is labeled as mysterious, historical and shounen, among others. On the surface, it is the young Ciel, who promises to give his soul to a demon (Sebastián) in exchange for having found and punished the people behind the murder of his family.
Scratch the surface a bit more and you’ll see this duo of human butler and demon butler solve mystery after mystery, as well as various acolytes. In fact, its 2018 murder-mystery sequel, Book of Atlantic, had one of the most unexpected twists in the entire animated series.

06. Mythical Detective Loki

If you want some kind of supernatural and mythical mystery series, then the mythical detective Loki or Matantei Loki Ragnarok will suit your tastes. While this is not the breathtaking detective series expected, unnatural events and otherworldly cases are different types of mysterious parameters.
The story of this anime follows Loki, a god of Asgard, who became a little boy and was banished from the human world for causing wrongdoing. On Earth, Loki establishes a detective agency to resolve cases involving the supernatural so that he can collect evidence to erase his name and be able to return home to Asgard. One day, Mayura, a simple teenager, comes across the detective agency. Now Loki has to face new cases and battles with other gods, escaping death threats and supernatural phenomena, all with Mayura by his side.

05. B: The Beginning

  This anime has 2 stories running simultaneously. The first concerns a detective who is called to work to find a dangerous murderer. The other refers to supernatural and superhuman powers, which makes the stakes much higher for everyone involved.

Without spoiling, this anime contains enough plot twists to keep its audience engaged at all times. Some turns can be predictable, but unexpected turns do more than compensate for them.

04. Terror In Resonance

This anime is very unique. It takes place in an alternative calendar where two young children, called Twelve and Nine, commit terrorist activities to attract the attention of the public and the authorities. Surprisingly, these two boys are the main protagonists of the program, and a large part of the program concerns the cat and mouse games which occur between them and a particular police detective named Shibazaki.
Many clues are thrown away and resolved, and many of them have their origins in Greek mythology. But why are two young children destroying their own city? It is always worth exploring its secrets.

03. Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

Yakumo is a young man who has cursed red eyes. This eye allows him to communicate with the dead, and it becomes his job to help them get to the other side. The series is largely episodic, but still manages to maintain a general conflict between the main characters. His animation is quite normal, but his music more than compensates.
With an excellent script, a complex plot and motivations of characters that make you think, this show is perfect for lovers of the old detective anime.

02. UN-GO

Created by Studio BONES, this detective anime focuses on Shinjuurou Yuuki, a cynical and pessimistic detective, and Inga, his eccentric assistant. They live in an alternative chronology, where Japan is recovering after a war. Together, this unlikely duo solves the crimes.
The show is an amalgam of science fiction and supernatural elements. So, although Inga has magical abilities, most of the deductions are made using interesting futuristic technologies that don’t exist in today’s world. It even raises certain philosophical and ethical questions concerning the “humanity” of highly advanced artificial intelligence.

01. Detective Conan: Case Closed

The anime detective lists are incomplete without mentioning detective Conan. Shinichi Kudo is a brilliant young man who became a 7-year-old boy after consuming a mysterious poison. He keeps his identity secret for fear of being killed, and also diverts his brilliant mind to solve the local mysteries of his city. The police, of course, ignore him because he is a “boy”. He is forced to assume a more adult identity, called Conan Edogawa (inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle and Ranpo Edogawa), and thus helps everyone around him.
Since the anime is old, its animation is dated, but it’s still a great watch.

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