Tower Of God Chapter 486 Manga Release Date Hiatus End

Tower Of God Chapter 486 Manga   Release Date  Hiatus End
Fans around the world are desperately trying to find out if Tower of God Chapter 486 has been released or are back and today we are here with the latest news about the break and what we can expect when they return to the websites.
The Tower of God is a break never seen since 29 June 2020. The author SIU took this break at the end of chapter 485. Fans are curious as to when God’s webtoon will come back and gather information.
Here is an announcement from SIU at the end of Tower of God Season 3 Episode 68. As you can see, it is clear that SIU has health problems. He said you need to rest and you still don’t know when he will come back.
God’s Tower Chapter 486
But fear not. We have good news for you. SIU updates us on posts to his blog. And Tower of Anime did very well and we can see Tower of God Season 2 coming out soon. So let’s start without wasting too much time.
Tower Of God Chapter 486 Manga   Release Date  Hiatus End
Resume the Tower of God break:
In our latest blog, SIU tells us that it works. Here’s how it works with Tower Of Godr: SIU is already ahead with chapter drawing. By this time, you may have completed Tower Of God Chapter 495. Webtoon publishes Chapter 1 and the next three weeks’ chapters will be read. Next week, another chapter will be released for free and the first chapters will be included.
So back when Chapter 484 was released for free, Chapters 485, 486 and 487 were premium. Next week, 485 will be released and 486, 487 and 488 will become premium chapters. In addition, the author and editors will be pushing for a sensitive program.
Excessive work makes the SIU sick. So he rests. However, SIU says it still works – at a lower rate. The man does not take leave. You enter a few hours. As we talk, he goes on with a few more chapters.
Here is the blockchain created by SIU, which states that Tower of God Season 3 Chapter 69 will be released. Please translate Google to read the page. And the image is translated here.
As you can see, there will be a short story for Wangnan Ja when SIU finds time.
When does Tower Of God webtoon begin?
SIU is working hard and will soon receive the Tower of God Chapter 486. Initially, it was thought that SIU would need 6 weeks of leave. He finds rest and returns strong. Unfortunately, her doctor said she needed another two weeks of rest.
But it is not set with stone. Everything may change soon. When the SIU recovers, it comes back. Remember, in 2014, at the end of Season 2, Episode 110, you took a break. And he is back in 2 months, in good health and ready to work.
Tower Of God Chapter 486 Release Date:
We do not fully know, but we hope that Tower Of God Chapter 486 will be released in August or early September of last week. Chapter 486 is free. After that, chapters 487, 488, and 489 will be available again, but still available.
Currently, WebTune has disabled the option of purchasing premium chapters. Once a person returns, that service will be available again. You can buy the first chapters of the Tower of God for 5 or 10 coins on the webtoon.
Click the Tower of God subscription button in the webtoon app to notify when Chapter 486 or Season 3 Episode 69 is published in the app.
While you wait for the Tower of God to return with its regular chapters, be sure to read our articles.

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