Black Clover Chapter 263 Manga Spoilers And Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 263  Anime Manga Spoilers And Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 263  CHAPTER Anime Manga Spoilers And Release Date. Hi welcome to cuteeanimebook blog we will provide all the hottest or popular anime manga in the world. In this blog we talk about Black Clover Chapter 263  CHAPTER Anime Manga Spoilers, raw chapter And Release Date.

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Black Clover Chapter 263  Release Date

According to our information get or sources, and the  Black Clover Chapter 263 be offical released on 6th sep 2020. and raw  scanning of the new chapters will be released 2-3 days before its chapters are published. 

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Black Clover Chapter 262 Recap:

You all know in the last chapter mysterious man come in front of asta and say yami is alive.

You know the one who appeared is actually black bull vice captain and name nacht. and he is talking to a devil casually who sitting on the shoulder. and he also possessed a devil power and the one who was sitting in his shoulder, actually his devil guimero.

He tells asta  why all don’t know about him and he never been to the come because he hate yami. 

Asta request to teach how to make use devil’s power. but he refused for some time because asta condition is very bad. 

All the sqaud captains gathered together in front of wizard king to discuss upon a situation and yuno also come in the front of all captain. Golden dawn sqaud completely destroyed and black bull squad are lucky to surived with injuries. 

All the squard capatins gatherd together to discuss the threat of spade kingdom. yuno tell everyone dark triad has a power that overwhelma a captain even he was not even full power but capatin jack say yuno are over estimating because yuno are scared and golden dawn vice captain all most dead but captain fuegoleon stop capatin jack.

Capatin jack left the meeting but capatin nozel stop and asked Capatin jack are not planning to attack spade kingdom. he also want to finish spade kingdom man but captain fuegoleon stop. 

All the meeting going to mess but middle of all this black bull vice captain with asta come in front of all capatin. 

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Black Clover Chapter 263  spoilers

As we see Nacht come the meeting and the captains are angry. The Notch Devil has many forms in the morning and we see the nature of his demon on every ruler.

Nacht explained how the Black Triads work and how the Qlipoth event begins. It basically takes 7 days to open 7 gates and when the devils come up on the ground.

Vangence and Yamy die after the event. Nacht described the seven gates as the seven gates of the underworld.

The captains decided to attack seven days later and Nacht revealed Asta’s demon and that key his anti magic sword.

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