Spoilers One Piece Chapter 988 Manga And Release Date

 One Piece Chapter 988 Manga Spoilers And Release Date

Spoilers One Piece Chapter 988 Manga  And Release Date

Today we will discuss the Manga Spoilers and release date of One Piece Chapter 988 Spoilers . The fans were so happy that Kaido finally fought hard. Everyone is cheering as the war progresses on many frontiers.

This chapter is a true symbol of the power of the scabbards and Oden. Even 20 years later, Kaido still remembers Oden very well. In fact, it is a form of post-trauma stress disorder. His 20-year injury is tragic!


The beast pirates are dumbfounded right now. They skewered from many angles. Their leader was wounded. Their new locations include turncoats. It will be some time before they hit well. That’s why it needs an amazing attack. The shock factor contributes to the reduction of opposition forces.

Chapter 988 brings us closer to the end of Vano Act 3. As we have already said, we believe that Act 3 will be a great tribulation in all respects. But we don’t do it ourselves first. Most wars require a fight and we need to spend more time before we break the law.

One Piece 988 spoilers

Fans are eagerly awaiting for OnePiece 988 and we  make sure we share it all here, so you can read it quickly, but when we’re taking a break next week, we may come to them and take some time to learn the English raw scans.

Manga chapters like Black Clover 261 and Kingdom 650 need to be released at the same time, so we recommend you check them out while waiting for the One Piece chapter.

One Piece Chapter 988 Release Date

Shonen Jump is on vacation next week this weekend. Pieces 988 raw scans and 988 spoilers will be released on August 19, 2020. They will be loaded on August 20th. Now these are One Piece. Fans need to change them to enjoy.

Scanning groups work on these immature elements and are released in various versions. Must come with French and Korean 20. English translations will arrive on August 21, 2020. One Piece manga 988 official English scans are going to be released on 23rd August 2020

One Piece 987 Recap

When the Scabbards were attacking Kaido, he remembered the bitter battle he had with Oden‌. Oden’s attack given his scarf, Oden’s last words, Kaido acknowledges their power – all of which came from Yonko’s mind. As he descended onto the stage, scabbards tried to do everything possible to injure Kaido. The beast pirates attackers see that an attack is possible.


Kiku pierces Kaido’s his hand. Neko injures the other one. Rizo tries to hit his throat with 2 blades. Kaido is dumbfound. Although Ryuo is used, he wonders how their blades can pierce him. His injury from Oden hurts again. All fall to the ground below.

The plates of the beast go to attack the doors but are separated by hyogoro and old Yakuza. While trying to reach Yamato, Ulti finds him and attacks him. Ulti is insane as Yamato attacks him. Yamato said that he had turned sides and that Kozuki Oden.

The Big Mom rushes to Luffy. She wonders if Kaido is dead. Nami and Carrot use this opportunity to free themselves from Yokai. Kaido praised the scabbards for making such an effective attack. You have recognized their 20 years of pain and hard work. But he says pirates will always be traitors – if Luffy sees scabbards failing, he will release them.

Kinemon returns that Luffy is different and brings dawn to Wano. He said Luffy would stand at sea conferences and be remembered for years to come. Big Mom Luffy why Vano Wano. Luffy said he would declare war on the Big Mom, Kaido, Orochi and their superiors – all of them.

At that moment, the samurai’s castle shocked the beast’s troops. Zorro, Kid, Law, they’ve all cleared their areas. Marco and Perospero formed an temporary alliance. The battle begins when the party ends in the morning. Kaido sees what Luffy did.

Kaido enters his dragon mode and explodes. The spots accumulate on him. Luffy assured Kinemon that he would follow them soon. Kaido was ready to fight and was no longer drunk. It reaches the top of the Onigashima skull dome.

Kaido recalls that Oden was not there to protect the scabbards. He kills them all. But the minks are waiting. Nekomamushi reveals that they know that Kaido will go out to fight as the form of his great dragon does not fit inside. And when that happens, it’s a full moon night!

One Piece 988 Spoilers & Predictions

Spoilers of the manga chapter 988 will be released soon. The old date is 17 but it is not possible. We can confirm that the raw scans will be available by the 19th. Visit the Shonen Jump Plus website to access these scanners. We will also upload them to our website when they are available, so be careful.

Here is our estimate

Let’s start with this section on withdrawal. Many powerscalers are downplaying on this chapter since Kaido was injured. One Piece Manga 988 shows the true power of Kaido so we have to wait for it. However, let us look at 2 definitions that are proportional to strength.

We believe that One Piece 988 will show us the look of Nekomamushi and Inurashi Sulong. This is the scene that came to Neko while talking to Marco and Izo. The Sulong Mink strengthen the strength of the tribe well and they are a much better challenge than Kaido.

If you look closely, you will see that all the scars are damaged. It is not yet defined. Maybe it was their self-sacrificing play. Or Kaido’s external virtue hurts them. Or it could be because they fell on a high place.

We believe that One Piece Chapter 988 shows a fierce battle between Kaido and all the scabbards. In the beginning, the scabbards are successful in defeating Kaido, especially with 2 Sulong warriors. However, we know the end result for sure. Kaido takes the scabbards and uses them properly. He is the most powerful man out there. Only 9 scabbards will not stop him.

But Kaido was not alone in this fight. There are still so many pieces to play here. Zorro and Kid both met rivals and cleared their positions directly from the Gifters. We also saw Law with another person. There is a strong possibility that this guy is Basil Hawkins. The law was seized by the Hawks but released.

By then the law had not killed Hawkins. Maybe they actually formed an alliance. And after all, Hawkins targeted the Shanks rather than Kaido. In addition, we believe that there is a temporary relationship between Drake and Law so that they can benefit from their intentions.

One Piece 988 spoilers can show that he captured Shinobu to save Momonosuke. The All-Stars are close to that time and we see some great players joining in these disasters. At that point, Yamato will have to face Ulti. The latter is an angry and enthusiastic Kaido follower. He will do his part to defeat Yamato.

Note that Franky and Brook missed a lot of chapters. We know that Brook knew the location of poneglyph – Franky knew the structure of Kaido Castle. They can go together and retrieve the Poneglyph print and now bring it to Robin, who is now hiding.

One Piece Chapter 988 can illustrate a strange encounter between Marco and Perospero. It is now clear that Perospero never fought with the Big Mom; And he wants Kaido to come down. But Big Mom wants the opposite. Our confusing  alliance also needs to be clarified.

Finally, our protagonist is Luffy. Our hero declared a whole war. He made it clear that his intentions were to defeat Big Mom, Kaido, and Wano Shogunate and look new to the world. That’s why Kinemon talked a lot about him. Undoubtedly the guy talking about Luffy Oden.

Since Luffy is planning to get Big Mom and Kaido out of the same mess, we have to ask ourselves if he still has some backup. He can not beat Katakuri as he is now. Grandma and Kaido are not close enough to handle us? Do you have the power to stop a fight? Or did he just not pay attention when you told him to do something? We will find out soon.

One Piece Battle Theories

Usopp and Chopper are together in the Frank War. It’s a powerful weapon that can drag Big Mom  for a while. When we finally saw them, they spent a large number of people. We know the numbers are really giants and one can make a mistake by catching them.

So soon, this means that Usopp and Chopper will take one or more numbers. It reveals the ‘important’ thing that numbers have for Kaido. Also, if Usopp can successfully defeat them, you will become a powerful sea hero. He can then head up and travel to Elbaf.

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