Solo Leveling Chapter 118 Spoilers, Raw And Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 118  Spoilers,  Raw And Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 118 Raw scan Spoilers And Release Date. Hi welcome to cuteeanimebook blog we will provide all the hottest or popular anime manga in the world. In this blog we talk about Solo Leveling Chapter 118 Anime Manga RECAP, Spoilers, raw chapter And Release Date.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 118  Release Date

According to our information get or sources, and the  Solo Leveling Chapter 118 be offical released on 13th sep 2020. and raw  scanning of the new chapters will be released 2-3 days before its chapters are published. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 118  Spoilers,  Raw And Release Date

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Solo Leveling Chapter 117 Recap:

From the last chapter Jung Yoo, Park Jong and Hyung-Ming visited hunter Sung Jin-woo place. They wanted to convince him to work for them so they knew they would be safe with him. Jin wanted a 50/50% share, but got an important call. Jin went to the emergency room using the shadow changer to get there.

On the other hand, other hunters died on the ground. The beast that killed them is a gifted hunter, no intelligence when it comes to tracking and hunting. Their blood plays with them when the monster dies. The hunters hid in the dark for days a week and were warned to hunt for pry by their six senses.

Two unknown green mnsters are hunting and one of them tells his brothers to invite him. They decided to kill all the people inside the castle and strengthen their position. That’s where the real hunt begins. The animals saw the people and decided to wipe them out first. The people are not happy that the danger is near, and a great beast appears in front of them.

Meanwhile, jin reaches another side. He looked at the collection team, the mining team and the batting team and he knew their position was 13A-ranks and 20B-ranks. Jin hears other hunters praising Jeju’s attack. They talked about the call of the black soldiers and said that the hunters would lead today’s attack with Jin. One woman told the hunters, Jin, not to feel uncomfortable.

He introduced himself to Jin, who was Jeong Ye Rim, the great physician of the Knights Attack Team. The hunters are disappointed that Park Jong-soo will once again lead the attack. They both attack and there are monsters outside the hole break. It turned out to be a blood-smelling orc. Monsters kill humans and Jin is going to rescue them.

Solo Leveling Chapter 118  spoilers

Fans are eagerly waiting for Solo Leveling Chapter 118  and we will definitely share it here, so you can read it quickly we will come to them and take the time to read the English raw scans.

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