Manga Kaguya-sama Chapter 209 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaks

Kaguya-sama Chapter 209 spoilers are finally out in the form of manga scans leaking out on the internet. Fans have already translated the Chinese scans and made a quick summary of the manga storyline. There are a few manga panels and a full Chinese scan from which a basic summary is compiled. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Kaguya-sama 209 spoilers and hence one must proceed at their own risk.

Kaguya-sama Chapter 209 Spoilers, Leaks and Summary

Kaguya-sama Chapter 209 Summary and Spoilers

Kaguya can’t go to Stanford because of her older brother, the one Hayasaka was reporting to. He doesn’t want her to have a degree better than her potential future husband’s, who will be picked by her brother. He did told her that he doesn’t care if she mess around and doesn’t “stay pure” before marriage(he said he also messed around quite a bit), but he said that she’ll need to follow his orders when the time comes.

Kaguya said that she’ll stay in JP and fight against this from the inside, since she’ll just become a puppet(marry for business/political gains, give birth to a male baby) for her eldest brother as long as he stays alive and inherits the position as the family leader(he’s the next in line). She said that in order to fight for her freedom, she’ll need to do it from within.

Prez said that he could also stay in JP, but Kaguya said that he can’t. She said that he needs to go to Stanford to achieve his dream of getting Papagane’s company back, and revealed that the company was indeed bought-out(?) by the Shinomiya Group. She cried while saying that it’s incredible that the Shirogane family is still nice to her despite most of them knowing her identity(not sure if Kei knew).

Kaguya cried while saying that why are their families this different, and ended the chapter by saying that they’ll need to pursuit their original dream from separate ways.

Kaguya-sama Chapter 209 Ends

Source: Kaguya-sama 209 Spoilers Thread on Reddit

Kaguya-sama Chapter 209 Release Date English and Read Online

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Chapter 209 release date is set as Thursday, November 26 as per the official sources. The raw scans for Kaguya-sama: Love Is War 209 are leaked out now and spoilers are out on the social media platforms, but it would be better to wait for the official English translation release.

Fans can read Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Chapter 209 online on V-Jump media official websites and apps. It would be better to read the manga series from the official sources as it would help the creators to create a better story.

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