Manga One Piece Chapter 997 Spoilers, Title, Summary, Raw Scans Leaks and Break Next Week

One Piece Chapter 997 spoilers are finally out with the manga scans leaking on the internet. It was predicted that One Piece 997 spoilers will be drop out on Tuesday as the manga series has been following the same pattern for the past few weeks.

The Korean sources have leaked out raw scans drawing and a basic summary of the storyline. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains One Piece chapter 997 spoilers, title, scans leaks, and hence one must proceed at their own risk.

One Piece Chapter 997 Spoilers, Leaks and Basic Summary

One Piece Chapter 997 Title: “Homura (Fireworks)”

One Piece 997 Chapter Basic Summary

– Sanji is caught by Black Maria.

– Several Shinuchi (headliners) go to the stairs of the 4th floor, but Luffy climbs a path made by samurai.

– Zoro is enraged when he sees Kiku’s severed arm fall from the sky.

– Zoro defeats Apoo and gets the antidote.

– Chopper discovers the structure of Queen’s virus and says that he will make an antidote for everyone.

– Queen is going to attack Chopper but Zoro stops him enraged.

– There is an earthquake, they don’t know where it comes from (Brook mistakes it for Zoro’s Ambition).

– Marco asks Zoro and Robin if he can help.

– Yamato says something about a dragon flame that makes the island rumble.

– Kaidou envelops the island in a cloud and intends to take Onigashima to the Capital of Flowers.


One Piece Chapter 997 Raws and Detailed summary on Thursday

Source: Korean source confirmed by Redon 

One Piece Chapter 997 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

One Piece Chapter 997 release date is set as Sunday, Friday 29 as per the official manga sources. The raw scans for the manga chapter are already leaked online and the One Piece 997 spoilers can be leaked out on the social media platforms.

Although, it would be better to wait for the official release of “One Piece” chapter 997 English version. One Piece manga chapters can be read for free on VIZ media, Shonen Jump and Mangaplus official websites and platforms, and this would also help the manga creators.

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