Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 293 Raw Scans Leaks, Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 293 spoilers are finally out with the manga raw scans leaks arriving on the internet. Fans are glad to have two MHA chapters in a row as there are no more breaks in the manga series. The storyline created by female mangaka Kohei Horikoshi is on an amazing arc with the heroes and villains having one final clash.

For those who are reading ahead, the post contains My Hero Academia 293 spoilers and hence one must proceed at their own risk. We would advise the manga readers to wait for the official English release of the manga chapter as it is more accurate compared to the My Hero Academia Chapter 293 spoilers and it also helps the creators.

My Hero Academia Chapter 293 Summary and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 293 Title: “Hero Saturated Society”

My Hero Academia 293 Chapter starts with Mirio’s flashbacks. He got the information from Bubble girl that there will be national scale villain sweeping operation. He wanted to participate so he asked and came to Eri. All this time Eri was practicing with lizards or insects. Mirio bowed his head and apologized to Eri because he wants to use her power. Eri grabbed his face with a smile saying that Mirio doesn’t have to apologize, and she’s been practicing for this.

Back to the war zone, Mirio was having inner dialogue that he’s not someone that could finish Nomu in one punch. So the next scene he screamed for help. That time there’s little light in the sky which was Bakugo. He was attacking the Nomus with explosions to back up Mirio and Best Jeanist. Iida was saying that Bakugo should stop moving or he will die, but there was no response. Nejire was seen to be fine.

Best Jeanist asked him “Have you seen the world Bakugo.” Bakugo was grinning and told Jeanist that “Bakugo” was only his temporary name and “I’ve been waiting to tell you!” and then he revealed his hero name as:

Daibakusatsushin (God of the great killing bomb).

Dainamaito (English spelling: DynaMight/Dynamite)

Jeanist, Iida, Nejire, Compress, and Spinner each were shown to give reaction differently, but the point is they all thought it’s ugly or too long. Only Mirio liked it because there’s humor to it, but Bakugo answered with “But there’s not a single particle of humor to it!!?”

Machia was shown to be still tied by Jeanist, and scene moved to Shouto and Dabi where Dabi was hugging Shouto in an attempt to kill him. Dabi said that it looks like they (Mirio etc.) are having fun, while Shouto is right there suffering. Shouto answered “but you’re also burning.” Dabi said that Shouto is so kind for worrying, but he doesn’t need to worry because he was happy seeing Endeavor’s face in horror.

Deku was shown to shift his focus to Shoto because Jeanist have enough support. He used Black Whip out of his mouth (like Froppy) and tried to save Shouto. Dabi told him not to interfere in people’s family business, but Deku said he will interfere because Shouto is his precious friend, and Endeavor is a mentor that made him strong.

Dabi continued with another monologue. At the same time, Machia was breaking free from Jeanist. When everyone was starting to panic, Machia suddenly fell down, most likely because Yaomomo’s tranquillizer worked.

My Hero Academia Chapter 293 Ends

My Hero Academia Chapter 294 Short Preview: “The things we did until now were not futile!! Grab this chance!!”

Source: Atsushi on Twitter

My Hero Academia Chapter 293 Release Date, Time and Read Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 293 release date is Sunday, December 6 as per the official manga sources. My Hero Academia 293 English translation will release on the following times based on the time-zones.

  • Pacific Time: 9 am on Sunday, December 6
  • Central Time: 11 am on Sunday, December 6
  • Eastern Time: 12 noon on Sunday, December 6
  • British Time: 5 pm on Sunday, December 6

Fans can read My Hero Academia chapter 293 for free on VIZ media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus official website and platforms. One should always read the manga from their official websites for free as it would help the creators and inspire them to make more interesting stories.

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