20 best korean romance comedy Dramas shows

In this artical we 20 twenty best korean romance comedies Dramas shows If you reading this, you are probably watching tens or hundreds korean romance comedies Dramas shows and looking for a new series that deserves your attention. I have compiled a list for you  of top 20 best best korean romance comedies Dramas shows you should watch now. 

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20 – Strong woman do bong soon (2017)

Story  :- This is the “fun” version of the superhero. The super hero here is the beautiful Park Bo-Young, who is very powerful but does not hesitate to use his power in the public. She ides with her future Boss- Park Hyun Sik, who absolutely loves the fact that she is the “super girl”. These two “parks” are fun together. Their scenes together are funny, but almost always have subtle hints of emotion in the air. Personally I loved the character of Park Hyun Sik. We don’t find many men honoring or celebrating a strong woman in real life. But he is totally his 1st fan 🙂 One of Ji Soo’s leaders is an intelligent, unpredictable police officer. There is also a mysterious frame on the back with these fun things, a trick that only our super-girl can handle. Supporting characters are very entertaining and I hope they make laugh of you. All in all, her perfect love requires a lot of attention. At the end of the show you will be in perfect love with both parks;) I did !. I ended up watching this play and actually watched this play again. Don’t miss it! Look at the drama!

19 – Fight for my way (2017)

Story and plot :- This story for young people who after they can not achieve their dreams after college. When communication, money, fame and love conquer talent, love and skills! Society and its judgments are shown in a very logical way. The plot is not dragged, it  has normal way and the best part does not seem too annoying. Reliability between leads is very high. The scenes of jealousy are still my favorites, and in the remaining episodes the plot grows beyond the struggles that the four friends have made to achieve their dreams. No unnecessary twists or turns. I loved the guidance, the structure and the story. 

18 – It’s okay, That’s love (2014)

Story and plot :- I can’t believe 6 years of It’s Okay, That’s Love have passed. Watching it again in 2020 made me realize how much I love this drama and how well it is written, acted, and directed. I have always recommended this drama to other people and always will, hence the review. The way he portrays mental health and life in general is extraordinary. Featuring the best actors: Jo Insung will melt and break your heart, you will fall in love with Gong Hye Jin, Do Kyung Soo will make your heart mature, and Lee Kwang and Sung do will bring you tears of joy. This is a must-see Korean drama. It’s not like your usual Korean rom-com drama, but it deals with much more serious topics that need to be shown. Also, this drama has the best soundtrack (English + Korean). Don’t miss out on this masterpiece.

17 – W- two worlds apart (2016)

Story and plot :- The girl is love with the main character of a famous comic book written by her father after being dragged to another world many times. It’s all we can think of but it’s can not related to it. But it is worth watching. It has love, drama, action, humor, heartbreak and a lot of art. The changes between the two worlds are amazing. The chemistry between lead is great. The pace of the story is fast and new. you need definite watch.

16 – Descendants of the sun (2016)

Story and plot :- One of the most exquisite dramas. Complete set of comedy, romance, action and loads of emotions in one drama (which is not that common). Especially the delivery of the dialogue in the comedy is my favorite part (some scenes will definitely make you laugh so hard), some made me cry, tense, curious in every episode. I loved it, all the characters are the best. Most admirable is that it shows the real life of soldiers and medics and, of course, how brave family members of soldiers and their loved ones are. Song Joong Ki is so amazing that anyone will fall in love with him because of his amazing character. Song Hye Kyo is admirable as always. The story of the second protagonist attracted me more than the story of the first protagonist, they are both so lovely. Episode 15 made me cry a lot like all the other episodes made me laugh, it was the saddest and most touching. Ultimate music, story,  characters that you are going to fall in love with, all in all the BEST KDRAMA. feel completely relieved and satisfied

15 – Search; WWW (2019)

Story and plot :- Search -www roller coaster ride revolve around the lives of Bae Ta Mi, Cha Hyeon and Song Ga-gyeong, all involved in the same kind of bussiness- managing the search engine. Like most drama you will see this work and needless to say, it’s really interesting. It is a drama  a women centric. To this uo to date there views of gen-z.  Ideas, including relationships, women’s ideas, age gaps and various profession – be it a piano teacher, a music director for games, an actor or a concert. You relate to the character (unique to everyone), to his story and to the ending who wants such a heart touching romance. If you love drama, be happy when Barrow finally beats Unicorn and wants wish for a great guy like Park Morgan and other characters in the drama.

14 – Hotel del luna (2019)

Story and plot :- This drama is so good that I literally keep watching it again and I am NEVER, not once, a little bored! It’s so funny and scary at the same time that I’ve never seen a drama as memorable as this one. After watching this drama, as a very straight girl, I fell very in love with Lee Ji Eun or IU, who was the main woman. As if he were the most beautiful and deadly person of all time !! And she’s super talented, both in her acting and in her voice and in her writing. It’s no wonder she’s one of Korea’s most popular and beloved Kpop idols! And Yeo Jin Goo was absolutely adorable and killed every scene! What I like the most about him is that he is not your typical drama in which the girl is always protected by the boy; instead, it’s the opposite and jang man wol is the most badass and iconic heroine of all time. The chemistry is so strong between the threads; like, there aren’t a lot of romantic scenes or anything, but the chemistry was undeniable. This is by far one of the best kdramas I have ever seen!

13 – Be melodramatic (2019)

Story and plot :- It is one of the best romantic comedy dramas they have ever had. Melodramatic is equally funny as it matures; The show continued as fresh air until the final episode. The series follows the lives of three best friends and people with whom they are in regular contact. Each character has a story that captures your heart in different ways. You laugh madly in one place, and then you move away from crying in another. You expected the same to happen, but completely different or understandable. I think everyone can communicate with at least one character. Jeon Yeo Bin is very bright in his role as Eun Jung. His was very sad and mentally draining; But it never seemed fictional or compelling. Ahn Jaehong never fails to perform when it comes to comedy characters. Fast ride this drama for me. I laugh and cry .. I can feel all the feelings they are expressing. Definitely recommend it.

12 – Kill me, Heal me (2015)

Story and plot :- I really like this show. First of all, it has all this great cast of stars in it. Secondly, lead actor Ji Sung played 7 personalities in the series, which is mind-blowing and also with such perfection. Third, the lead actress, hwang jung is a gem that you will never be bored to see. Usually this plot is about a boy who has multiple personality disorder due to his difficult past, and then the girl who is involved in his treatment and somehow also involved in his difficult past comes into his life. and the development of all events until the fall. in love this is an amazing watch its moments are so funny amazing comedy it was fun to watch. He’s quite different from Hydee Jekyll, me, because he has a more serious outlook  whereas it’s more of a comedy  he has an incredible ost. I really recommend it.

11 – Because this is my first life (2017)

Story and plot :- The great thing about this dramas is that the love story is not centered on around two leads , but some supporting characters have a well-defined and well-developed love story in all episodes, so you can not get bored with our great non-communicative heroes as supporting characters. The chemistry is also good in the three love stories that appear in the drama with a real kiss and skinship and the tracks have no annoying trouble coming out doing what girl wants to do, the girl man who leads almost every kiss except the officer who leads the way. The love story also progresses through drama and almost all of them have their happy ending.

10 – Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo (2016)

Story and plot :- It is best k dramas I have ever seen. Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo is a great k drama for new fans. This series has both a romantic and a comedy character, but above all a comedy one. The plot is exceptional and much better than you expected. The actresses are exceptional and the acting is very natural, I can say that their acting talent is very high. Let’s get back to talking about the plot. I don’t want to spoil it but by its name “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”. It was about a girl named Bok Joo, she is a very talented weightlifter. And the other main character is a boy who is a great swimmer. They are childhood friends. I think I should stop there, but the first episode can be confusing, but I’m sure you won’t regret watching it.

09 – When the camellia blooms (2019)

Story and plot :- It is a crime thriller with the warmth of the heart and the struggle of single mothers in a family mellow and society. The story begins with a woman named Dongbeck who comes to a small town called ongsan and her one year old son and opens a bar. She became the center of her attraction because of her beauty and another restaurant owner was jealous that her business was running smoothly and she was able to run her business for about six years and raise her child well (alone) in that city. It was at that time that he met a police officer named Young-Sik and was transferred to his hometown of Ongsan. Young-Sik fall in love with him when he first met DongBake and gradually became his best friend in his lonely life. By this time he knew that Dongbake had witnessed the murder five years earlier and that a serial murders had returned to him. This is the complete package, here you will find thriller, romance, orphan story and single mother. Unlike other TV dramas, it makes sense when the real world fight is shown along with the comedy. Personally I really like the character of Kong Ha-Newle and Chemistry in the middle of the guide. Ongsan  and Advocate Azumma and Advocate and her husband jokes to another level-. Kang-hoon played very well as a child artist. Really !! The drama deserves to win medals. You should see the drama.

08 – Goblin (2016)

Story and plot :- Goblin is more than a romance, it delves into the depths of human emotion and life. It’s a show about life and death, about love and friendship, about revenge and forgiveness. Goblin is more than just entertainment, it lets you think about a lot of things. You will laugh and cry at the same time. The Goblin and Grim Reaper bromance is to die for and their comedic moments made me laugh a lot. I have to say that for some reason the love story between Wang Yeo and Kim Sun hit harder and was a bit more interesting than that of Kim Shin and Eun Tak and if there was a show based just on their love story and their rebirths, that would be the case. would see. In the blink of an eye. but I’m sure you won’t regret watching it.

07 – Reply 1997 (2012)

Story and plot :- Set in the 1990s, the drama focuses on Shi Won, a high school female student, serving her 5 high school friends in Hot Boyband and Busan. The timeline between their past as 18-year-old senior students in 1997 and their reunion in high school in 2012 as the 33-year-old moves forward, when a couple announces their marriage. The drama deserves to win medals. You should see the drama.

06 – Crash landing on you (2019)

Story and plot :- This show was just amazing. It was so shocking to me that I felt like I was in the same world. All the characters played an important role in making this drama different from the rest. I’m so happy to be able to laugh, cry, and smile as I watched each character go through their trials, struggles, overcome obstacles, and get back on their feet. I am very grateful to be able to see and experience the romance between Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong Hyeok. The love that these two characters have is enough to make you jealous. The five comrades added lovely comic relief to the show, and I became so fond of them that I wanted to protect them with my life. I love this show very much. I finished this show in two days. I was so dedicated to seeing it. To be honest I never wanted it to end, I became so attached to EVERY character. This show is truly something else, and it will stay with me for years to come. I hope Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong Hyeok have a peaceful and happy life in Switzerland with their twins. I hope that one day someone’s love can break the borders between North and South Korea and the two states can come together again in peace. I know it sounds impossible, but I believe in the power of love! but I’m sure you won’t regret watching it.

05 – The master’s sun (2013)

Story and plot :- Joo Joong Won is the sharp and greedy CEO of the Kingdom, the combination includes a large department store and hotel. He meets the gloomy girl Tae Gong Shil, who sees ghosts after the accident. As Joong Won recently researched the abduction, their lives took on a new dimension as they worked together to deal with the fear and suffering brought by the spirits. And unknowingly, they fell in love. It is nicely crafted with comedy, style, tragedy and a pinch of horror. The two leads are fun together and take the viewer on a real journey. And it screams the sound of this series song !! It really makes an impact. If you do not see (deep breath) come to it now! Available on Netflix. You do not regret it. This is great, it will amaze you till the last episode and you will want to watch it again!

04 – Reply 1988 (2015)

Story and plot :- Words will not be expressed: I really liked this show. It contains all the  friendship, family, love, life and tons of emotions. I laughed a lot, but I cried in many places as well. The show is so full of friendship and emotions that at the end of the show you cry. You are a part of the journey of these friends, their family and their lives. Look at it and don’t think twice. I recommend this show to everyone. It seems like life was so simple then with the real meaning of everyday meeting, friendship and love. I love music and the directing and storytelling with the acting is good. but I’m sure you won’t regret watching it.

03 – You who came from the stars (2013)

Story and plot :- The casting was very perfect and they all did justice to their valuable roles. Outside of it is a love affair between a famous actress and aliens. Jo Min was an alien who came to Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty. He is close to advanced body skills including vision, hearing and speed. Later, He find out that he has three months left on earth. There he met Hallyu star biggest star Cheon Song Yi in Korea. But I’m always thinking about how they can be together (I’m still worried about it..and .In the inside, it treated me with a package of suspence,mystery,romance, sacrifice, friendship, laughter,sadness..and the sensation of relief and perfect satisfaction. feel completely relieved and satisfied.

02 – It’s okay to not be okay (2020)

Story and plot :- This drama is on a whole new stage. Cast, acting, production team and above all the story are very attractive. It will open your eyes to the mental illnesses that many face. Shading is also on another level. Plus, there are mostly children’s fairy tales in every episode story and it’s so good. My favorite  is “Zombie Kid,” a good story. I’m a huge fan of Kim Soo Hyun which is why at first I saw this for him, but as I progress into the drama I realize that Kim Soo Hyun really did a great job. work in choosing this drama as its comeback because the the story was so beautiful and lovely. Each character is so great and you can learn a lot from them. This is an undeniable healing drama that says “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay”. If you see it, I can guarantee you will like it.

01 – Welcome to waikiki (2018)

Story and plot :- This is the story of three friends who own a guest house called ‘Waikiki’. Three of them are struggling to make money to fullfill their dreams. One day they find a little girl in their guest house and the story begins here. Each episode makes you laugh a lot because of the morality and story of their daily lives. My favorite was Lee jun-ki, this character nailed him with his acting ability and the chemistry between yoon ah and dong gu was better and fun. The way everyone says ‘Let’s go’ in Korean is the best dialogue, oh this language is so sweet.

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