Favorate Top 10 (ten) Best Mecha Anime

If you are wondering what kind of Favorate Top 10 (ten) Best Mecha Anime genre has the most complex robots battles – compared to the Mecha that belongs to them (usually in space and in the air), they are all listed below in the “mecha” style. Often in these demonstrations there is a basis for war or a large conflict between two opposing forces. Although most of the articles in this series seem to use the old formula I mentioned, it works and has actually found great success.

Now, when I became a favorite viewer of mecha anime, I created this list of  Favourite Ten Best Mecha Source Anime based on my favorites. I have included the ones with the best practices and mass entertainment sites on this list, make sure you enjoy them too. If you like some of the things I missed, please share them with those in the comments section.

10. The King of Braves GaoGaiGar

Takara ended their franchise “Braves” with a bang because GaoGaiGar relied as much as possible on the realm of hot blooded and super robot action. The series sees Gutsy Geoid Guard, a secret organization, stand together against the Zonderians, a alien race trying to turn people into robots.

Although the anime is definitely for kids, GaoGaiGar is still fun for the first episode (and fits the second) that anyone can enjoy. Also, the mecha designs were created by the creator of the original Transformers, which is enough to attract a large fan of robots who love the 80s.

9. Voltes V

Volts V on this list because it is one of the oldest mecha anime classics of all time. Its maturity aside, its story is really beautiful! In fact, I’m sure it will get enough attention to increase its popularity if it returns to its current standards. From the order of classic robots, to the sound of battle, to the beautiful story set in action and drama – the Volts V is the treasure of the great old team to earn a place on this Favourite Ten Best Mecha Source Anime.

The Boazan alien race had already invaded the land of Earth with the intention of entering, however, the Earth land received a card at the top of its sleeve when faced with such a difficult situation. From the top secret base of Camp Big Falcon there is a giant robot that can repelling any external threat. That robot is Voltes V, and is currently being piloted by five (5) young men who have been trained. Five units, one flagship version – Let’s Volt In!.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion

It is controversial, emotional and philosophical! At the same time there are some classics (and it is the oldest, 90s) that showed the world how different and real Mecha anime is, the evangelion pioneer its style and flair. Yes it has robots (mecha anime and everything) but, it focuses on the characters and how reasonable it is for a normal kid to drive a mecha-unit and try to save the world. Story-wise, this anime is wreck, however, combined with the unique take on its characters and the mecha list that Evangelian deserves the right to be recognized and celebrated.

When monstrous alien machines called Angels emerge from Earth to destroy everything in their path, the Earth will have a small chance of surviving with its grace. Fortunately, a group called the NERV developed a mecha called the Evangelion that could continue to be on par with the angels. But there is a problem, only a few people can pilot it. One of them is Shinji Ikari, who has to solve his problems first before he can protect his personality.

7. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

If I have to choose my favorite Gundam series‌ from the Gundam franchise so far, I will not hesitate to tell you right away – Mobile Suite Gundam Unicorn! The Gundam Unicorn, emphasized in just seven (7) episodes, enters with such brilliance that its action and story inspire everything in an epicness eruption! Story, mechas (gundam units), the characters, the execution, the action – all come together perfectly to wear a gundam story with complete tightly-packed excitement!

In the last century, war was inevitable and always was bound to happen. The same is true for the Universal century, as new policies open up opportunities for further advancement. The so-called lapless box is now the most sought after – the most powerful material for balance power. Also, its unique identifier is the RX-0 Unicorn – Mobile Suite Gundam Unicorn!.

6. Aldnoah.Zero

At first glance, you might say – “Wow, those robots are badass and have no chance of humanity!” However, a regular trainer robot comes to turn it all obliterate! Yes, the same thing happened at Aldnoh.Zero. This is an ingenious battle with the glory of great action on the side! But why good, he said? Yes, its storyline and its main characters (Inaho and Sline) make a great promise that you will scream even more. And did I mention Cool Uber kataphrakts (robots)? Yes they are! Most of them will be crushed anyway. However, they are good and this is important!

Two teams, one goal – to win the other and hold of Earth’s  resources! When the Martians (people from Mars) landed on Earth with the mysterious powers of Aldnova and their special Kataphrakts (mecha-robots) after the assassination of their princess, they vented their anger by demonstrating their power through violence and war. All hope seems to have been lost, but when the princess suddenly appears and the young student steps forward, the questions of who the real enemy is are answered. The revelation of Aldnova’s power is the beginning of it all, but it’s even more complicated.

5. Sidonia no Kishi (Knights of Sidonia)

Knowing that Sidonia no Kishi could not get the credit they deserved, it was time to light a spark by placing them in  list. The visuals are quite – it’s true to put it all together throughout the series (especially the first few episodes), but trust me – you get used to it whenever the story and action pocket you. As some have suggested, Sidonia no Kishi are in space with Shingeki no Kyojin! Think the essence of snk is just coincidence? Yes, this mecha anime is so good, it has the power to keep you focused in all its glory. All you have to do is give it a try.

After the mysterious alien known as Gauna destroyed the solar system, mankind was able to escape into space and stay in space longer and maintain life in space. One of them is the so-called spaceship Sidonia, and a thousand years later, it is still fighting the Gauna, it seems, intended to crushing it. If it were not for the protection of the robots called Gardes, Sidonia would have to crash. Now, a young man named Nagate Tanikez offers Sugomori the most famous mecha-unit to continue the fight with the gown and try to eliminate it permanently.

4. Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build fighters provided the Gundam franchise with a much needed shot in hand. Very different from anything that came before it, Gundam takes place in a fighter universe just build fighters, but special technology allowed Gundam to move plastic models and use Gundam in battles and tournaments.

Not only do build fighters honor some of the best gundam designs in all franchises, some guest characters from gundam characters are also known as gundam heaven. Unlike the great series that kids can watch, Build Fighters has some of the best fight scenes in Mecha history apart from Gundam.

3. Code Geass

If you have not seen the Code Geass yet, I recommend you to check it out as soon as possible. The most stunning anime perfectly combines physical and mind battles. Not only is this absurd anime mecha-action, it uses the brain and intellect as an important part of battles – and it makes you wonder! And the mecha units – yes, they are underground, but it was a lot of fun and a great pleasure to see them compete on screen. With all that said, Code Geass really should see the mecha anime that deserves the biggest hit ever.

Lelouch vi Brittania and his sister Nunnaly vi Britannia, exiled to live away from the monarchy after a terrible tragedy, are now students at Ashford Academy in the War Zone in Area 11 (formerly Japan). As the end holds it, Lelouch gets involved in the controversy caused by the uprising, which some have had to acquire supernatural powers known to them. That power is called the “Code Geass”, the power of kings given by a witch named C.C. He found him in the middle of the conflict. Now that he has such power, Leloch tries to change the fates with his sister and the world to avoid clashes and put an end to everything that has happened so far.

2. Mobile Police Patlabor

The Special Vehicles Unit is a team of police officers assigned to deal with crimes, including labor and large robots designed for industrial use. Patlabor is very different from any mecha anime show that most people have seen, it is a most people viewed, it is a giant range of robots.

In fact, this show is more similar to the Barney Miller show than the Gundam series, as the original characters spend a lot of time solving crimes, reporting and displaying and managing their big robots. For fans who want jokes and slice-of-life adventures and action-packed series, Patlabor is the perfect show.

1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

One word – EPIC! In the world of anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has been hailed as the greatest anime ever produced! This is not the only reason to stay in the Favourite Ten Best Mecha Source Anime! Of all the mecha anime shows I’ve seen, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is probably the worst! Standing high above the moon (probably even bigger), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is even bigger! And with the story and all of its contents, it is very clear that this is the most amazing pride in the universe.

During the time when people dwelled and lived in the dark underground, no one knew about the blue sky or the surface world anymore. While people are now drilling tunnels to expand human territory, a young digger  named Simon makes a fascinating discovery (spiral drill) that will soon change the destiny of mankind and the universe forever.

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