10 Romantic K Drama To Special This for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a festival of love and affection. To catch up with this festival, you need to have an amazing watch-list of romantic K Drama shows with heartwarming stories. Are you looking for a decent K Drama series to watch on Netflix with your girlfriend and boyfriend this Valentine’s? Well, you are just in the right place. There are a plethora of romantic K Drama shows out there. And, here we are with our list of top 10 romantic K Drama series that you can certainly enjoy watching with your beloved ones this festive season. Follow the article till the end and choose the one that best suits your taste!

Check out this list of best romantic K Drama series and feel the rush of the love hormone in tire bodies!

11. Touch Your Heart (2019)

Touch Your Heart (2019)

This K Drama will definitely blow your heart out. She is sweet, beautiful, very funny and very beautiful. Come on Maddie wasn’t pushed, it was a comedy of all situations. I’ve seen a lot of K-K Drama but this one made me laugh in a real way.

The main pair share amazing chemistry. Shining in every scene of Yoo In-na, its beauty and expressions are on point. Lee Dong Wook shows a wonderful transformation from a cold-hearted lawyer to a loving and understanding boyfriend and looks very generous. The Office Fish gang made the K Drama even louder, they gave a lot of funny scenes, especially the CEO of a law firm.

I didn’t feel bored watching him. If you want to see rom-com with a light heart, give it a try. You will be smiling all over and feeling good. Highly recommended.

10. I’m Not a Robot (2017)

I'm Not a Robot (2017)
I’m Not a Robot (2017)

I would recommend! The development of the story is pretty good but I didn’t like how it took so many episodes for him to find out he’s really a robot. He would have loved it if he had known earlier, so that we could get more scenes of Leeds together (like, really together – not as man and robot). Yu Sing Ho’s character is just so amazing and charming! I love these two together – it’s so beautiful! I also think the hardcore love triangle seems too old to be involved haah, but yes, how the K Drama is a little different than other K Dramas, because well, robots. I especially liked how much. I felt when I saw this K Drama – it was very heartbreaking when Leeds cried during the reset attack, as if I was really on the verge of tears. And there were funny scenes too, so overall I would say I really enjoyed the K Drama.

09. My Strange Hero (2018)

My Strange Hero (2018)
My Strange Hero (2018)

I like the story of this K Drama at first but lacked the last few episodes and got bored to be honest. However, the K Drama has its own story that makes this K Drama special to others for high school K Dramas. It’s about taking revenge and revealing how corrupt the school is. And somehow I get a lesson that no matter how smart you are, in adult life he can’t guarantee you that you will have a good life. The second lesson is that if you have a problem with someone, talk to them, what other people won’t listen to, because if you don’t, it will be just as misunderstood as this K Drama. And finally there is the third lesson, if you have kids always spending your time with them, love them because it will make them alone. Money can’t buy love that’s the issue.

08. Clean with Passion for Now (2018)

Clean with Passion for Now (2018)

The K Drama revolves around Siron Quinn, the CEO of a cleaning company who suffers from germaphobia. Oh Soul is a former athlete looking for a job that doesn’t place much importance on hygiene. They cross paths with each other when Oh Soul works in the company and slowly begins to develop feelings towards each other. Oh Sol Zion starts working to cure his bacteriology with the help of Kiul Choi Ha, a famous doctor who also loves Oh Sol.

Talking about the K Drama there is a triangular love story between Oh Soul Sean Kule and Ha but it is sweet to look behind Hane and support beautiful couples in every trouble. The story is well scripted and Come Mady is another level that we have to make our hearts laugh for sure. The song Sang Oppa and the song J Rim Oppa’s Bromans are so beautiful to handle. The cleaning fairies are the real part with the mother of Secretary Kwon and Sean Kwon, who K Drama the main part in the K Drama. The QNU couple will steal your heart from their heart-pounding romance.
About that it adds to the beauty of the K Drama, especially KLNG’s gravity. It is one of the best centers with office fee romance. It will be perfect for your time.

07. Just Dance (2018)

Just Dance (2018)
Just Dance (2018)

“Dance Sports Girls” is based on the documentary. The story features eight girls who attend Geoj Girl Vocational High School. They are in their final year and begin to face the realities of life after high school. All the girls’ hodgepodge will join the school’s B-room loom dance club. With this experience they leave the high school note on a high note and leave it with something memorable. Despite their low grades, their efforts to become better dancers are limitless.

06. Welcome ( Meow, the Secret Boy) (2020)

Welcome ( Meow, the Secret Boy) (2020)
Welcome ( Meow, the Secret Boy) (2020)

At first, I thought the K Drama was fantastic, as the idea of ​​turning a cat into a human is unlikely. But as the stories progress the line of the story really puts me in realization, the cat does not turn into a human but the story suggests how we are a person, the animals we love, they are pure souls of the earth, embodying such love , Affection and loyalty. I think this story was created by people who raise their animals, become human and make love progress and compassion for each other. Cats, dogs or whatever animals we have. They all have strong bonds with us that they can’t even talk but we know we understand them and it was back to us again. I fell in love with the K Drama because I’m a fur parent and I’m going through a lot, I started volunteering and rescuing animals because I know the feeling of being left behind. Plus the acting of the cats was perfect and Sol Ah really puts her soul into that last scene that made me cry, because I did the same thing. Well, highly recommended.

05. Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019)

Angel's Last Mission Love (2019)
Angel’s Last Mission Love (2019)

I felt all kinds of emotions from this K Drama. There are scenes that will make me laugh and there are scenes that will break my heart. The leading woman is attractive with a very strong character.
And I fell in love with lead actor Myung Soo all over again. His acting has some debt. Both Shin Hai Sun and Kim Myung Soo did well in showing the innocence behind their character while they are still maintaining their central personality.
This is a beautiful and heartbreaking story of how an angel falls in love with a man, I swear she cried me so often. Please look at it, honestly it is worth your time.

04. Memories of the Alhambra (2018)

Memories of the Alhambra (2018)
Memories of the Alhambra (2018)

The K Drama is just a sweetheart. The acting, the story, the twists, the mystery, the heartache, the fear, the anxiety, everything about this K Drama was wonderful. It was surprisingly executed that you can’t help but come for more. A little spoiler is that the story keeps you hooked so I hope season 2 happens but getting a sequel for Korean K Dramas is very rare. But I hope we get one. The portrayal of the character Hyun Bin is very beautiful as he K Dramas a character who shows the reality of the businessman’s mind. So I strongly recommend you try this story Trust me, you won’t even see this for one another. Although it’s about gaming and I’m not a game lover but it has a great summary that will make you love every part of the K Drama. So don’t be disappointed by some scenes as everything will be explained.

03. My Holo Love (2020)

My Holo Love (2020)
My Holo Love (2020)

I can be very emotional if I really express what I feel about this series. First of all, they have shown the struggle of being alone when you are not getting along with everyone and then suddenly someone comes into your life and makes it colorful, everything changes in just one flicker. It always feels like a very surprising feeling to the person who suffers. You need to understand more about the help you give to other people. This series is a must if you feel the same way. Not a huge fan of K-K Drama, it’s the first I’ve seen but the emotions I can relate to a lot with them and it’s really tickling my nerves.

02. Where Stars Land (2018)

Where Stars Land (2018)
Where Stars Land (2018)

At first, I thought it wasn’t a good story. But that’s just an idea. It was a really good story.

The story teaches me that it doesn’t matter what happens or what my partner is. I have to accept that. Because of what you call love. And also, the main character and those supporting actors were also literally FANTASTIC. I was amazed at how they delivered their line and how they behaved. Gosh !!! But the last episode. I’m just curious about the leading man, who is Li Su-yen, I want to see his face 1 year later. And that too, what happens to his brother and Mr. Joe. Hope this is season 2 in the K-K Drama series !!! And I’m ready to wait!.

01. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018)

Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)
Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

Park Sio-Jun has done it again. I’ve only recently become a fan after seeing him in Etiwan class, he didn’t disappoint at all. Leading woman Park Min-Young Sue was awkward … If you are looking for a quartine and chill series consider adding this to the mix. I like the main story of the leading characters, but was equally interested in all the side stories. Each character will fit their part, K Dramaed their part on the t part. Didn’t become very emotional until later episodes. What I liked most was that he was not your terribly rich man, the family forces for a fixed marriage, and all that. Liked these bonds and promises that were children and were carried out when they grew up. Great story and character match. Bravo. Definitely a lot to watch for sure.

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