Anime Scarlet Nexus Episode 8 Release Date, Preview, & Recap

Highlighting of Scarlet Nexus Episode 8 will be playing soon, Aisha, Kyuka, Shiden, and Kasane go to the other side, where they find out that Yuito is old and blind. They go to war with him, but Kasane finds something and finds out that it is Yuto. The two stopped fighting after Yuto saw their words. Yuto’s father dies and Yuto learns that his father knows the secret of an enemy attack.

Release Date: – Anime Scarlet Nexus Episode 8 released and According to our information get or sources, and Scarlet Nexus Episode 8 series will be airing on 19 August 2021.


Recap Episode 7: – Luca came and told the group that they had black lightning to chase the crows away. Yuito is still amazed and Luke reminds him that there is no need to hold the event because Yuito is the commander of the army. Ayesha and Kyouya are surprised that Yuto has no idea what is going on. Contact Watara to verify any inaccuracies in Garrison Yuto’s brain data. Watari checks and responds that Yuto has nothing in mind. Luke tells the crew that they need to be seen at 01 Platoon, OSF and Yuito by their new boss and that they are currently on patrol duty.

Yuito feels that he remembers his brother calling him and telling him everything, but he can’t remember anything. He wonders if he asked Kaito Sumeragi about the secrets of his country. Luca realizes that Yuito remembered his memories a few hours earlier. Luca suggests that Yuito gets to OSF hospital immediately and they will take care of him. Watari sends a message that if Yuto’s health deteriorates, he will notify Top Bras. Ayesha notes that her uncle is the general manager of OSF hospital.

scarlet nexus
scarlet nexus

Meanwhile, Kasane became the new second-team Commander. Karen has a meet with Kasane and asks him to join her. Kasane reminds Karen that Himuka’s new regime has turned Naomi into “one”. Karen answers that she will save Naomi and Kassan agrees to work with her. Yuito and his team continue to encounter mysterious events; He told them that if Nagi was still alive they would have to find him. They later arrived at the old OSF hospital and began an investigation, but War Monsters and Nagi appeared.

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Where to watch: – Watch Anime Scarlet Nexus Episode 8 online as soon as it is released on the Funimation website. There are still a lot of websites regarding the choice of the Scarlet Nexus Episode 8 streaming platform. If you want an anime Scarlet Nexus Episode 8 watching experience, we recommend that you use only official sites. More updates of Anime Scarlet Nexus will be available on our website stay tuned to cuteeanimebook.

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