Favourite Ten Best Drama Anime

Like any “drama”, it is something that can touch hearts and stir emotions and feelings. In general, you know it’s a good Drama to watch when tears well up in your eyes or when you do not have a drowsiness or a mixture of these and others. Also shows “Drama Anime”! Call them tear-jerkers, feels-trains, rainy shows, onion peelers, or whatever – these can provoke negative emotions.   So, this list offers its advantage – to recommend you the top 10 best drama anime! Agree or not (according to list and location), it is one of the best and most popular series you will find there. Take it or leave it, if you want to experience something fun in the theater and allow yourself to express your descent feelings, these are the anime shows you should watch!


10 – Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)  

While it is already plagued with a lot of entertainment, psycho content, twists and turns, Mirai Nikki i (a.k.a. Future Diary) is also a “drama!” Not ashamed of. Mirai Nikki, who is considered to be the most important psychological anime so far, did that work with the help of the drama department. And it’s done over four! This series combines its elements in a way that touches the heart, mind and soul just like any other best psychological drama series.   In the deadly survival game that will end the world, many nominees will be blessed with foresight with the help of ” Future Diaries”. With Future Diary, the manager can look to the future so that he or she is ahead of others. Every diary of the future is unique, and the present must use it to some extent and eventually live and finally become the new god of space and time.   Future has overtaken the future ts, deadly survival game, god of space and time again – it feels like hell for an  momentous phenomenon! Who will survive? What does that mean? This is the future survival diary game!


9 – Plastic Memories  

Do you think there will ever be a time when robots interact with humans, emotions and all sorts of personalities? If human relationships are not enough, here is the “giftia”, androids like humans but have a low lifestyle. They are human-like creatures but also plastic memories. Now think about it, think about it and let the power of sadness and tragedy come into you!   SAI Corporation – The company responsible for the production of Giftia. His first day work in the Terminal  Services department. His work style? Return of expired Retrieving Giftia (that means death in Giftia terms).   With the help of his female partner Giftia “Isla”, Tsukasa comes in line to work with him on his new job when he is facing his emotional side. Especially if his partner is also a Giftia, does his relationship with him lead to something else? Will it work anyway in the end? All kinds of memories are precious, and include plastic memories!


8 – Angel Beats!  

Is there life after death? Does life end with early death? What is life? These are the questions Angel Beats asks to watch. Like a philosophy on these questions, Angel Beats captures all of this and tears flow uncontrollably in your eyes.   Out of nowhere, Otonashi wakes up to find himself dead. The place looks like a school playground and is currently at war. The enemy – a lone angel girl named Tenshi.   Despite being invited to be part of the Afterlife Battlefront to fight Tenshi, Otonashi still does things his own way. His views are different and his first move is to talk and negotiate with Tenshi. It was a suicide attempt but you are already dead! Can you succeed? Why did he face such problems in the first place even though he was dead? So it is with life and death, and in this case – after death!


7 – Tokyo Magnitude 8.0    

Talk about disasters! Such is the source of suffering and stress! They are coming now, and they are leaving all kinds of creatures with their kindness. This is the way of the world, the cycle of life. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a series that describes the  disheartening and melancholic  effects of disasters – in this case, earthquakes!   On the way back to the Odaiba Island robot show, Mirai and her younger brother Yuki witnessed the tragedy live! Earthquakes, with a magnitude of 8.0. Buildings and all kinds of infrastructure are starting to decline – and Mirai and Yuuki are in the middle of it all!   Unfortunately, they were both away from home. Fortunately, the woman riding the motorcycle decides to drive home. So, begin their long journey back home between the disaster and its spectacular outcome!


6 – Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (You Lie in April)  

In the history of anime drama, what really touches the heart is the scattering of emotions and tears in the eyes, comparing music and melody. Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (a.k.a. You Lie in April) is a musical series that can capture the full emotions in you, only to show that tears are coming from your eyes. That’s its beautiful story and the heartbreaking of everything!   Meet one of the most famous and talented pianists – Kousei Arima! Even at his young age, he showed great talent in music, especially playing the piano. However, when his mother died, the sound of his piano echoed across the sea.   Two years later, Kousei is leading a normal school life with his friends, but no music. Then it happened – a wonderful reunion! Kousei meets a violin girl named Kaori Miyazono. Is this his return to the world of music? Can he finally regain his piano sound from the depths of his sad past? Is Kaori missing key for her powerful music?


5 – Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)  

The power of going back to the past – can you use it? Can you adjust your outlook on life to a lesser extent? Can you use it for yourself or help other people find content in the future? With situations like this, drama and suspense is sure to overflow!   Satoru Fujinuma has a special power – he calls it “revival!” In the wake of  life-and-death of other people, his power to prevent disaster is at work. The duration of this energy is very short from seconds to minutes. But when his mother was killed by an unknown assailant, and he planned his assassination, his powers did the work of bringing him back 18 years ago!   Great secret! The death of her mother case opens up   18 years old case. What is hidden behind Satoru Fujinuma? What is behind the big step? Reveals the tragic and time consuming story of Satoru Fujinuma!


4 – Nagi No Asakura (A Lull in the Sea)  

Nagi No Asakura (a.k.a. A Lull in the Sea) really feel like you are liberating yourself from a vast sea of ​​emotions. It’s harmoniously amazing! A character-oriented series with great ideas and a story that confirms slice-of-life that has slowly become a dramatic part – it is briefly Nagi and Asakura!   In ancient times, people lived under the sea. The people are ruled by the god of the sea and are saved by the blessing of “Ena”. However, some choose to live in a world where they have unknowingly left their homeland. Such is the nature of the boundary between land and sea. The connection is still there but the strength of the bonds started to rise and it started to fall!   Sooner or later, four friends who grew up at sea had to go to school face to face. It takes a lot of flexibility and integration, that’s for sure! Because they will soon be able to see and witness the growing “rift” between the sea and the land and other important events to come.


3 – Little Busters!  

When problems came up and loneliness came to you first, who called you? Oops, friends! Little Busters means building friendships and inseparable bonds. Because when the world turns to you, there will always be true friends to support you.   Riki Naoe died – she lost her parents at a very young age. It leads to despair and confinement away from the world. Fortunately, a man named Cusuke asks him to join Little Busters. From that moment on, her problems slowly subsided as new friends brought bright colors into her daily life.   Even in high school, the team is very much alive. But now, it’s Riki’s turn! It was Kyousuke’s final year of school and Riki is now kicking the team alive. Secret hunting, treasures, binding activities and more perfect times – nothing foolish when Little Busters get close!    


2 – Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day    

After much thought and reflection, let’s embrace the drama anime that shows pride in it! It’s so good there! It explodes your heart with all sorts of emotions and feelings. Watching this show will get you on the “Feels” trains because it gives you a heck of an emotional ride. Without further ado, welcome wholeheartedly – Anohana: The flower we saw that day!   Last summer, Jinta and friends lost their uncle in a tragic accident. Since then, a lot has changed and everything is different to live their own lives. But one day, the Menama slogan suddenly appeared in front of Jinta. Menma has a wish, but she has no small idea.   But wait, why did the ghost Menma suddenly decide to appear? Is it because of his desire? Or what about the “Super Peace Busters” group he and his friends formed in their childhood? With a painful time to break their responsibilities, the search begins! The past, the ghost, the desire – the flower we saw that day!


1 – Clannad  

Finally, we reached the top 1! If you ask for a good drama anime here, I’m sure “Clannad” will come out as another answer. I can’t argue with that because it really is! The first places on this list are “Clannad” and its second half “Clannad: After Story” gives you the ability to look highly sought. Now this means I did not warn you, do not cry or at least keep an eye on it after seeing this visual art work!   Life is bad, and so is the city – Tomoya Okazaki feels the same way about her life and her home. Tomoya was always a cheater, he always skipped class and was a fool. One day, he stumbled upon a strange girl, “Anpan”. They are going to school. The girls’ name is Furukawa Nagisa, and from that encounter, Nagisa and Tomoya are close.   Together with a few other friends, they live a life that seems to have no tomorrow. Live your life to the fullest, with the problems of the past buried – a bright future awaits!

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