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If you’re looking for spores, intimidation, and blood rooting scenarios, then one thing or another, you’re looking for Horror Anime.

In the anime world, there are only a handful of performances where the word “horror” comes from its real name. Most of the time, anime shows with extreme monsters, blood and blood have already been considered a horror. But especially like me with him, I can’t accept them all as such without trying on some horrible redemptive qualities.

That’s why I’m putting together the top 10 horror anime on this list based on how scary and creepy they really are and how they convey my tastes to chills and chills. Actually compiling this list is quite difficult for me because there are really only a few horror name performances that are really horrible. However, I will do my best, and if you also consider some titles please feel free to share them in the comment section.

10 – Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte -The Maxim)

    The top 10 among In fact, aliens can come in all sorts of ways, but “Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu” or “Parasyte – The Maxim-” – aliens can’t be more scary than parasites. Parasitic fingers can be seen in the early stages as common worms, but when they infect the human brain and make it a parent, it becomes a horrible creature capable of changing its shape in all nasty ways. And did I ever mention that they mix quite well with the rest of humanity and can choose to eat anyone at their discretion? Really terrible! “Parasyte – The Maxim-” may not be scary at all on an imaginary level, but once you have thought of all the possibilities and tackled it on a much higher realistic level, you will notice how terrifying it is. How fucked up are you.

Izumi Shinichi, 17, has lived a normal life thus far, until one night a worm-like creature penetrated her right arm, causing her to fuse with him. The worm-like creature is a parasite, and they have great intelligence and great fighting ability to be able to speak and fight alone. But because the parasite (from which Shinichi later got her name Migi) has fused with her right arm, they must exist at the same time to survive, otherwise both will die. Since there are other different parasites with different targets and hosts, Shinich must now fight to survive and protect his loved ones.

9 – Elfen Lied

I still remember the first time I saw the episode “Elfen Lied” (yes, the first episode is already messy and crazy), I was literally horrified and I hate (maybe even traumatically) the bloody scenes I saw. I was very sick! But then I recounted the fact that I was able to continue the story after a few months (but by then I’ve seen many of the worst). Seriously, it’s not for the faint of heart. Even if you decide to watch it, you are making more terrible scenes, but also a great sad story. I encourage you to continue in the manga after you’ve seen it, because the manga has a much better and more complete resolution and story than the anime.

After conducting countless cruel experiments on the diclone (on horned people with special psychic abilities called vectors), no one has thought that queen diclonius, Lucy, will ever escape. As Lucy fled the facility where the experiments were being conducted, she released the vectors and destroyed everything that crossed her path. She managed to escape, but was kidnapped and lost memories in the process. Now he is alone in the world. What happens if you retrieve memories, humanity learns of the tremendous anger it has through murderous vectors.

8 – Shiki

As a horror name, Shiki is surprisingly good considering that it revolves around vampires and we are at an age where vampires are no longer so scary. But this performance turned around and returned to the more rudimentary vampire idea and the horrors it brought with it. While this anime starts out very slow, it builds momentum in a really uncertain situation that makes you thank yourself for not dropping it. It has its own plot of darkness, mystery and soul-calming and twists that make all viewers enjoy all the fear they desire.

An event in a remote rural place where citizens start being fooled one by one, no one in town knows what is happening or there is something clear that they don’t even know. As the situation worsened, it wasn’t even enough that people had to mysteriously die. Right after that, these dead people start to rise from their graves. Then the doctor finally breaks the silence and begins to get to the bottom of the problem. He and the entire city should be aware that the problem everyone faces is caused by nothing but vampires!.

7 – Yami Shibai (Theater of Darkness)

While this may seem like an anime or not belong in it, it will probably only be underestimated, please note that I set it here as the best location, because I firmly believe it is a really creepy anime to watch. It doesn’t have the usual settings and overused trois we’ve seen in anime shows that are easy to see as horror shows these days, but it does have a cooler, traditional way of telling a plot. Together, this anime is based on a theatrical performance that uses puppets and cutting roles. Then he uses them to present horror stories surrounding old traditions, occultism, ghosts, and even sensational new fears in a very heartbreaking but interesting way. And so with this method at work, every episode or theatrical performance that happens never gets away from anyone watching it (and will probably make them jump out of fear).

Yami Shibai, as I said, is based on a traditional theatrical performance that presents a different horror story in each performance. Whether it’s the occult, the ghost story, the urban legend, or the myth – all the stories were made to terrify, disturb, and scare. After all, everyone always needs a good horror story.

6 – Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls! This overwhelmingly prohibitive anime takes only 4 episodes (which is surprisingly enough to take this daylight away from anyone who sees it), creating massive fear that you would never expect. Actually, the Corpse party has all of the following themes; occult, ghosts, revenge, gore, blood, violence, other dimensions and more! Now don’t say I didn’t warn you because this is the best horror name in the world (well, at least for me right now). One wrong move (you say it’s not great or the best), and move on to the host Celestial School!.

After it was demolished because it was a cursed elementary school with a really grim history, another school is now standing still and does not know the unfortunate past. One day, a group of students performs a ritual in the area of ​​a school, believing that it will make their friendship everlasting. This ritual spell is known as the Sachiko Ever After charm, and due to their ignorance, the charm soon leads them to the cursed celestial school’s elementary school. Hopelessness and despair will soon be difficult for school again with intimidated tortured souls and a bloody truth revealing to fans.

5 – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

With characters as innocent and as kawaiin as those here in Higurash, it is not Naku Koro ni who would have believed that their revelation would be a revelation and a scandalous and evil twist that revolves around them all. Yes, you heard right! Don’t let innocent looks fascinate you to let your guard down, as this anime and its character will terrify you soon. And that’s why this anime appears at the top of the list.

In a certain ordinary town in the countryside and on the edge of the mountains lived Keiichi Maebara, a child who spends his days carefree with his friends and all that one can usually enjoy in life. But then one day his anxiety became shocking news of the murder. After learning of the murder, everything around him gradually changed for the worse. His friends have begun to act strangely as if they had all come after his life. However, it doesn’t end when one scenario ends, another very disruptive one begins.

4 – Ghost Hunt

The name should be clear about what this show is all about: ghost hunting! And while the show fits well into the horror category because of its themes and spaces, most of it is that it’s very charming and exciting. It doesn’t scare you, but the scary elements here are enough to hold you firmly in its history. Overall, Ghost Hunt is a casual ghost / horror story that you can enjoy much like a real-life ghost hunt.

Ghost Hunt follows the story of Mai Taniyama and her ghost hunting / research takes advantage of Kazuya Shibuya, president of Shibuya Psychic Research Company. Accidentally interfering with the ongoing ghost hunt, Mai eventually breaks the camera and injures Kazuya’s assistant. So to make up for the clumsy mistake, he stands as Kazuya’s temporary assistant and helps him do his duty. Now the world of ghosts and paranormal phenomena is your help to explore and solve.

3 – Terra Formars

In addition to mere ghosts, demons, darkness, murderers, blood, strangers, and even death, there is an irrational fear that makes most people panic in horror. That scary fear  is the fear of cockroaches! And in this anime called “Terra Formars,” we’re not just talking about normal / ordinary edges, we’re talking about giant (possibly advanced) edges. And given the enormous chances of survival and the large number of aches, humanity could have found the ultimate enemy to survive in this universe.

Mankind has advanced so far in scientific and technological development that it is finally ready to move towards the next frontier: Mars. To make the planet habitable, scientists have sent it edges and moss to begin the process and cycle of life. But several hundred years later, what humanity thinks would be a success and the next frontier would suddenly become a disruptive judgment. Cockroaches have become horrible monsters with incomprehensible pain against humanity. Now the Earth must send a group of highly trained superhumans to Mars to capture cockroaches (now called Terra Formars) and destroy them all if possible.

2 – Another

The prestigious Top 2 spot features anime that has been well received and appreciated for its very awful ghost story and well done scary performance. You may have already heard it because it is actually one of the best and most popular horror animes today. That anime is – Another! It’s creepy, it’s ghostly, it’s haunting, and most of the time it’s also bloody – they’re all mixed up to define the story that is.

Kouichi Sakakibara is a new immigrant in a rural school with a terrible secret in one of his classrooms. And as unfortunate as it is to be in an abandoned classroom that is supposedly cursed, Kouich has to find for himself and deal with the horror that is happening in the classroom. The first thing he notices is that he has a classmate named Mei Misaki who is always present, but no one seems to want to be noticed. It’s like he’s invisible or a ghost, and his classmates do it on purpose (like they’re very scared of something if they don’t).

1 – Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Finally, we are on Top 1 Horror Anime magazine’s big reveal list. So here it is that for the march, all the elements we have always hoped to be in a horror movie are a proper anime:  the huge cannibalistic appetite and gigantic and grotesque form are the anime that produces its horror scary monsters called the Titans. This show is none other than life’s larger flashy anime: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). While this performance is by no means a name of horror that thrives in the original parts of horror, it shows a new type of fear based on blood and monsters capable of extinguishing all hope and conveying a sense of despair. While action is the strongest point of this name, the horror is highly synchronized with this factor, which makes this show exciting and surprisingly good at its best.

In an age when people are forced to live in unchanging cities with giant walls and giant carnivores, called titans, who roam freely in most parts of the country, there is nothing else people can do but just live a life of peace that is unlikely to ever become permanent. One day, a colossal titanium suddenly appears, destroying the most remote walls, causing minor titanium to destroy the outer city. Fortunately, there are two more intact inner walls that give humanity enough time to prepare and eventually attack with the Titans with all their might. Eren Jaeger is one of the soldiers, and when he decides to destroy the Titans, he stops empty-handed until they are all destroyed from the face of the planet.

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