Attack On Titan Chapter 131 Manga Spoilers & Release Date

Attack On Titan Spoilers

Attack on Titan Chapter 131 Release date

Being a monthly manga, we can’t expect anything before August. We believe that the attack on Titan Manga 131 Raws will be launched in the first 10 days of August. As they are in Japanese, they must be converted. Liberio linguists are the current scandal team. They will deliver the translated version in English within 2 days. There is another unknown team that publishes Imgur links the day before linguists, but their translation and composition are poor. The official scans of Attack on Titan 131 will not be available before the release of the volume. This will be the first chapter in the final volume of Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan 130 Discussion (Recap):

The news of Liberio’s destruction is revealed to Annie. To his great surprise, he must accept that Liberius must be sacrificed. As everyone watches with silent disdain, Annie says she’s quitting. Here she addresses the rest. Magath knew that saving the world was a wild dream. And yet he risked his life to save them, gave them the future. It is no longer about Liberius or Marley, it is about saving strangers around the world. He then asks Mikasa if he can kill Eren. She adds that if she tries to kill Eren herself, Mikasa will object or not. Mikasa is speechless. Annie is tired of fighting. She knows that neither of them is really ready to kill Eren.


Eren wonders where it all started? She realizes that it doesn’t matter, she wanted to do it from the beginning. It was her fault. Eren remembers hearing about Zeke’s euthanasia plan and how Zeke and Yelena trusted him. Eren remembers meeting Floch. He said he was just pretending to follow him and Floch should do the same. He met Historia and told him about his destiny. Historia was not particularly embarrassed by this: she wanted to sacrifice herself for the island. She even thanked Eren for showing her gratitude. Eren has revealed that he will not follow the plan. For Floch and Historia, he said the same thing. Eren will destroy the world. He will destroy all enemies outside of Paradise. History objected. She did not want the innocent to die. But Eren was solid. She knew that to end the current hatred, she had to remove the hatred from the rest of the world. Eren further revealed that he would not let the same cycle happen to History. And he will live with guilt. In fact, he would erase the memories of History if she wanted to. He told Historia that she saved him, the worst girl in the world. Eren remembers talking to Zeke about Ackermans and his instinct to protect his host. Instead of accepting it, Zeke questioned it. He asked Eren why Mikasa still protects him. Zeke believed that it was not instinct that drove Mikasa: it was his love for Eren.

When they met, Historia told Eren that she was going to have a son. Eren says he will only live 4 years. But he wanted his friends to live in peace, even after his death. That said, he cut his feet and stabbed his eye! He was ready to invade Marley. We return to the present when it dawns: in fact, it is the dawn of humanity. A massive fleet rises, ready to stop rumbling. They are determined to break it at all costs. But all this is useless in the face of the forces they face.

Countless colossal titans swim across the ocean. The artillery went crazy, but it failed. When the smoke cleared, the colossal Titans were on their feet. They scolded him, crushing everything. The city had lost hope and the soldiers began to disperse. Behind all these colossal, appeared: the Attack Titan. Since his mother died, Eren has continued to move forward, never stopping. The Attack Titan is more massive and horrible than ever, with bones sticking out from all directions. The din continues!


Attack on Titan Chapter 131 Spoilers & Predictions:


There is a great discussion among fans about the father of Historia. Many believe that Eren is the father, while others deny the ship Eren x Historia. In fact, Eren x Historia supporters released a meme to counter it.

 The Gamer Chapter 131

Apart from that, we expect contacts between Eren and Mikasa very soon. This chapter had little or no progress, but now we have a clear idea of ​​the deadlines and the freshest and clearest prospects for blind spots on the road to Eren.

 We have to wonder how much chaos will happen in Attack on Titan Chapter 131. It seems that the alliance is not really ready to face Eren. Eren is also unwilling to kill his friends – we saw in this chapter that whatever he does, he does it for his friends.

 So the question is, who will be the first to get nervous? Will Eren be killed? Will the plan work? Will the world be saved and, if so, what is its future? The attack on Titan Manga 131 will reveal much more.


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