Read the Haikyuu Chapter 402 spoiler and announced release date

Haikyuu Chapter 402 Release date

The next and last chapter of Haikyuu will be released on July 20, 2020. The last chapter will have 28 pages as confirmed on the last page of chapter 401


Read the Haikyuu Chapter 402 spoiler and announced release date

Haikyuu Chapter 401 Discussion (Recap):

The chapter started with Hinata and Kageyama competing in the air. Hinata can see everything in slow motion due to his superhuman reflexes and his keen sense of play. Hinata at the last moment of his beak changed the direction of the beak, but Kageyama also saw it coming and blocked the beak which straying on the right side of Hinata and being the superhuman that he is, Hinata digs the ball with his right leg in the air, Hinata surprised everyone with these superhuman movements.

And then Hinata ran across the yard to make a large beak. And with all eyes on Hinata, Miya Atsumu threw the ball towards Bokuto and he scored and the match ended, Black Jackals winning the match. “The Ultimate Decoy”, the title Hinata hated, is now appropriating it. Everyone applauded the players and the last confrontation they set up. Kageyama congratulates Hinata for achieving her goals.

Hinata told Kageyama the total score for the duels. Everyone said the game was over and they were sad, but Tsukisima told everyone that the season had just started and that the whole tournament would be amazing. Romeo asked Hinata to take a photo with his son. Kenma was so excited about the match that he had an idea for his new manga series that he will write.

Akashi as a reporter asked Bokuto a few questions. Shimizu and other elderly people from Karasuno finally met and had fun. Hinata is called by a big hotshot and this hotshot is Kuroo who is now in the economic supply service department of the Japan Volleyball Association.

He asked Hinata to be in a collaborative video. Kageyama asked Kindaichi and Kunimi, who were in the audience, to play a game at some point, even if they got older. They both agree. Enaga asked Hoishumi about Hinata and told him that they were going to defeat the whole world together. Everyone met and joked and was happy at the end of the episode.


Haikyuu Chapter 402 Spoilers & Predictions:

As the last page of the last chapter of the series shows, he will focus on the duo of Kageyama and Hinata will face everyone at the 2021 Olympic Games. After so long, Hinata and Kageyama will play together and that too in the biggest scene all. However, it is going to be exciting and stressful and we cannot wait.

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