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In this blog, we talk about Best Anime the top 10 Best Thieves anime. Everyone has to watch anime shows they want when they watch a certain anime. Maybe you’re an alike different type of Genres.

Maybe a happy boy or girl, believing that everything will be all right or not knowing how. Perhaps it is badass, who does not do much with his actions and does not tolerate any nonsense from anyone, at least for all his opponents. Or maybe they are all anime thieves, somehow avoiding stealing things of lasting value.

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Thieves play a variety of roles in anime. If they All are young characters or some old in anime, then they can be used as bad guys to stop. However, they can all also play a major role, like such as working as good guys who do the wrong thing for the right reasons. They may have different motives for stealing, whether to help someone else or their selfish motives. Whatever the reason, these are the top 10 Best thief anime.

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Nowadays people watch thief anime shows according to mood. Each of us must have spent hours searching best anime thief anime for which one we would like to see. We have collected the 16 Best thief anime that you might really like. Anime World has an impressive collection of anime shows. And we Recommended this 10 Best thief anime. You really like this best anime thief anime.

Top 10 Best Thieves anime

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

11. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

other :- Phantom Thief Jeanne
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Mystery,
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 7.3

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Story: – Kusakabe Maron, a normal-looking female student, is actually the reincarnation of Jeanne d’ Arc. With the help of the angel finfish. Maron acts as Jeanne’s thief at night to seal the demons living in the artwork. Hunt down the weak heart of the owner. She was branded as a thief because the artwork disappeared after she sealed the devil. One day, a boy name Chiaki Nagoya a new classmate and new neighbor showed up at work at night, and they also became rivals. Rogue Sinbad. With the arrival of Maron’s best friend. A detective daughter who is eager to capture. and her new opponent, Maron’s job is no easy task.

Cat's Eye
Cat’s Eye

10. Cat’s Eye

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Romance
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 7.3

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Story: – A girl name Kisugi, and has three sisters Rui, Hitomi, and Ai. The all sisters run a small cafe called Cat’s Eye. To find out where the missing father is, artist Michael Heinz. Hitomi and their sisters robbed art galleries such as the clever and mysterious Cat’s Eye Bandit. Hoping that their work would provide them with clues about his disappearance. The thing is, Hitomi is in a relationship with the police officer Toshi. Who swore to get the cat’s eye attention and of course knows nothing about Hitomi’s double life?

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

9. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

other :- Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
Genre: Game, Psychological, Thriller, Seinen
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 8.3

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Story: – A boy named Kaiji Ito is a useless vagabond. Kaiji drinks beer and steel hubcaps all day long until his former coworker cheats on him. Suddenly, he was unable to pay his friend’s huge debt and was offered a dirty deal to allow him to participate in an illegal secret gambling activity on a cruise ship. It all thing turns out that this is just the beginning of Kaiji’s new life from hell, Go upside down on a life-threatening roller coaster full of intellectual games, tricks, stunts.

The first part of Fukumoto’s famous game series manga. Anime Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor tells the Anime story in this anime of our hapless protagonist. Who is not only forced to fight other people? But also, to fight the secrets of their minds. Kaiji discovered from his own painful experience that when people turn their backs to the walls. The greatest danger is greed, intolerance, and human survival instinct.

Nijuu Mensou no Musume
Nijuu Mensou no Musume

8. Nijuu Mensou no Musume

other :- The Daughter of 20 Faces – Nijûmensô no Musume
Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 6.9

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Story: – A cute girl’s name is Chikoo. Chikoo is the daughter of a wealthy Mikamoo family. After their parents died, they had to live with their aunts and uncles. Because the aunt wanted to inherit the wealth of the Mikamo family, the aunt gives poisoned food to Chiko. However, one day, she was kidnapped by Nijuu Mensou (20 faces), and after that, Chiko decided to join the Nijuu clan.

No Game No Life
No Game No Life

7. No Game No Life

Genre: Game, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi, Fantasy
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 7.8

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Story: – The two siblings are called mysterious blank gamers players, so named because they have never filled in their names. Blank gamers players are considered the best players in the world because they never lose in-game. A mysterious letter and sent to another world. The gods of this world claim that there is no war, robbery, and violence. Instead, everything is determined by the game.

Kaitou Joker
Kaitou Joker

6. Kaitou Joker

Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Comedy, Kids
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 7.3

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Story: – The mysterious ghost phantom thief Joker boldly steals from one precious treasure to another Under the cover of a bright night. Although Joker is often driven to desperation by the stubborn police investigator Dusaburo Oniyama. the self-proclaimed “miracle worker” uses his extravagant escape skills that combine science, magic.

In a robbery that steals Dragon Gem from an arrogant, multi-million-dollar mansion, the Joker encounters Eight, a clumsy but serious ninja. Hachi is looking for the same treasure, but he admires the clown, and the clown only regards it as an annoying thing. However, they can work together to make the robbery successful. Because of Hachi’s wit and courage, as well as his practical ability to do homework, the clown joker is unwilling to accept him as a student.

While waiting for the next reward, Joker and Hachi met other ghost Phantom thieves. Faced with old friends and new enemies, the Joker strives to become the best wizard in “Bright Night”.

Top 5 Best Thieves anime

Kaitou Saint Tail
Kaitou Saint Tail

5. Kaitou Saint Tail

other :- Mysterious Thief Saint Tail
Genre: Adventure, Magic, Romance, Shoujo
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 8

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Story: – A cute girl name Meimi is a smart and cheerful girl. she inherited Genichiro’s father’s magic skills and mother Eimis’s thieves’ skills. Meimi always changed mysterious thief at night. With the help and guidance of her friend Serra, she is sent to fix the mistakes in the city (usually stealing things that betray innocent victims). She is also a nun. In a formation that listens to people’s stories and tells them to Memi, Memi goes to the Saint Tail for help. The goal is good, stealing is a crime, and Asuka is eager to catch the Saint Tail. But Mamie/Saint Tail likes Asuka, which makes things a bit complicated.


4. Mouse

Genre: Action, Harem, Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 6.3

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Story: – A girl Master Sorata Muon continues the tradition of his family for centuries. Sorata is the main thief of all Mouse. who can steal anything by properly warning the authorities of their intentions so that they can be there, but they cannot stop him? Cool blankets and typical Satoru Akabori and Satoru Akabori prefer tight/thin/tight clothes to loose clothes The curve is because they like chasing Sorata more than they do, even if the girls get the teacher’s attention. And the local law enforcement agency, but there is also Sorata a secret art club that uses Sorata’s former allies to get her beautiful skins.

Jing King of Bandits
Jing King of Bandits

3. Jing: King of Bandits

other :- Ou Dorobou Jing
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 6.5

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Story: – A boy Jing may look like a kid, but his extraordinary skills make him one of the worst thieves in the world. Jing and his feathered companions Kir stole all valuable things from city to city, regardless of security level. But when Jing was trapped, Jing had another trick: Kir and Jing’s right hand together made a Kir royal fatal blow. Because of this, Jing is called the “King of Bandits” by many people.

Magic Kaito 1412
Magic Kaito 1412

2. Magic Kaito 1412

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Shounen
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 7.5

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Story: – After eight years after Kaito’s father’s mysterious death, a slightly mischievous but ordinary teenage boy Kaito Kuroba revealed a shocking secret about his father that Phantom Thief Kaito Kid, also known as the “Magician Under the Moonlight”, his own father. The former thief was killed by a criminal organization while looking for a mythical stone called Pandora’s Gem. It is said that he shed tears when passing through a Comet that appears once every 10,000 years. People believe that this Pandora’s Gem can give immortal life.

Kaito promises yourself to prosecute those responsible for his father’s death, and disguise himself as a thief, steal things at full moon night. To find before his enemies, use this power on themselves Pandora’s Stone.

Lupin III
Lupin III

1. Lupin III

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Comedy, Seinen
Ratings: – IMDb rating: 8

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Story: – “thief knight” Arsen Lupin’s grandson Lupin III and his comrades travel the world looking for reliable loot: and his friend the sniper Daisuke Daisuke, the swordsman Ishikawa Goemon XIII, and the beautiful and deadly Fujiko Mina. Inspector Koichi (old man) Zenigata chased them to the end of the world. Whether it’s a billion-dollar ransom to save the Italian city of Pisa, a huge solid golden car, or a Tutankhamun mask, Lupin will go!

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If used properly these 15 best anime thieves, thieves’ characters can certainly become great characters. The best example, like these 5 list shows, occurs when they have a proper motivation to steal and have a unique view of their behavior. Is there a certain thief missing from this list? Should the thief be high or low? Let us know in the comments below about the 10 best anime thieves!

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